Lisle Ford Broken Spark Plug Remover LIS 65600 (Alt 303-1203 303-1398)

Lisle Ford Broken Spark Plug Remover LIS 65600 (Alt 303-1203 303-1398) image

Product #: LIS65600 DLT

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Ford broken spark plug extractor for 3V engines with the common "breaking when removing" problem. For Ford 3 Valve engines that use an M16x1.5 spark plug with the unusually long electrode shield.

See this tool being used in pictures, video and read comments. The Lisle specialty tool kit, part number LIS65600 DLT is used to remove Ford's unique three piece spark plugs that commonly break upon removal. Application: 2004-2008 Ford 4.6, 5.4 & 6.8 3V engines that have spark plugs that are M16 x 1.5. 

The Lisle 65600 (LIS65600) Broken Spark Plug Remover for Ford Triton 3 Valve Engines. This tool works, that's the reason why this tool was listed as one of our top sellers. This specialty tool kit is specifically designed to remove broken spark plugs from 2004 and newer Triton 3 valve per cylinder engines - a very common problem. The set includes a unique porcelain pusher tool and a tapered left-hand thread remover for removing the broken spark plug without leaving the porcelain in the engine cylinder. Porcelain pusher is used to press the porcelain piece, without breaking the porcelain, farther into the tip of the plug. This provides space for the left hand thread remover to bite into the stainless steel plug shield for easy removal. For more information and pictures of the tool in use, see this specialty tool featured in our automotive tool blog.
The Lisle 65600 extractor kit includes the parts below. The components are subject to stress, wear and possible breakage. The puller screw (65620) seems to receive the most abuse/wear - while we do not offer free replacement for damaged items we do offer them for sale separately.

LIS 58980 Gasket

LIS 65610 Puller Housing

LIS 65620 Puller Screw

LIS 65660 Left Hand Hex Nut

LIS 65670 Porcelain Pusher Assembly

Suggested tool - 9/16" spark plug socket for 5.4 3 valve engines, the extension & socket are built together to make removal and installation easier. The socket does not separate from the extension.

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The Lisle 65600 Ford broken spark plug remover offers a solution to remove the electrode shield by forcing the porcelain down further...

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Lisle Spark Plug Removal Tool

Do not even start removing your plugs until you have this tool in hand. I soaked the plugs in penetrating oil for 24 hours and 5 still broke. This tool is a life saver. The first step of crushing the remaining ceramic is very straight forward. The second step of extraction can take a little work. If you cannot get the extractor to start threading with the sleeve in, then remove the sleeve and start threading the extractor in until slightly snug. Then slide the sleeve over the extractor and continue threading the extractor until you hear the remaining piece break loose. You will feel it and hear it spin. Then start removing using the larger nut and nylon washer. With out this tool I can't even imagine the intensity of frustration I would have endured.

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