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HeliCoil HEL1130 Metric 11x1.5 Head Bolt Thread Repair Kit

HeliCoil HEL1130 Metric 11x1.5 Head Bolt Thread Repair Kit image

Product #: HEL1130 DLT

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Brand: HeliCoil

Also see TIME-SERT 2200 for a solid bushing insert type repair.
Heli-Coil Metric Head Bolt Thread Repair Kit.

The HeliCoil HEL 1130 M11x1.5 Head Bolt Thread Repair Kit is typically used in 4.0 and 4.2 liter General Motors (GM) engines including Cadillac as well as many other imports such as Honda and Toyota.

With this product, Heli-Coil offers the highest quality and most durable repair available to permanently restore stripped Head Bolt threads. This kit fulfills the need for the most cost effective means for every shop owner and do-it-yourselfer.

Used in some Cadillac, Honda, Toyota and other Import vehicles.
Extended reach installation.
Stop collar on tool controls the installation depth.
Custom length inserts (33mm) for proper Head Bolt engagement.

HEL 1130 kit includes:
High Speed Steel Drill Bit.
High Speed Steel Tap.
Heli-Coil Installation Tool.
12 Heli-Coil Stainless Steel Inserts. (Replacement Number R1084-11-30 Package of 6)
Note: Some customers have reported that the tooling is not long enough for holes that have the threads starting deeper than the surface. Therefore we recommend the Time Sert 2200. The Time Sert kit has long enough tooling for threads that start further down in the hole. See the video from our second website for more information. We sell this kit at both websites and
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HeliCoil HEL 1130 M11x1.5 head bolt thread repair kit is typically used in 4.0 and 4.2 GM engines including Cadillac as imports such as Honda...

Image 2.0 stars out of 5
Bad design for Toyota

Purchased to repair head bolt threads on a Rav4 02 4cyl (like Camry and Highlander). Found this kit doesn't work well at all unless you modified it. The tap and drill bit in this kit are not long enough to reach all the way to the end of the bolt hole. Plus there's no way to align the tooling to insure straight drilling and tapping. You have to judge how straight it is by eye. Also the insert is just a thin spring and I'd be afraid that it wouldn't be able to handle the head bolt torque and stress from heat/cooling cycles. Had to return and get the TIME-SERT 2200 kit. Solid inserts has longer tooling, a line-up plate etc. I felt much more confident doing this job. And I only wanted to do it ONCE!

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