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TIME-SERT Kit 0381F Harley Davidson Head Bolt Kit

TIME-SERT Kit 0381F Harley Davidson Head Bolt Kit image

Product #: TIME-SERT 0381F DLT

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Brand: Time Sert

TIME-SERT Kit 0381D Harley Davidson Head Bolt thread repair kit. Application for Harley Davidson 3/8-16 head bolt thread repair. 1st time, meaning Heli-Coil was NOT used previously. See our entire Time Sert Kits section. 

Special Note:Used in Harley Davidson where the depth of hole must be at least 1.00" deep. This allows the driver enough room to pass through and expand the insert properly.

The drill bit is not designed to remove the stud (only to prepare the hole for the tap). See our Rescue Bits which are commonly used to remove hardened steel and broken tooling which normally cannot be drilled. 

Kit Includes

5 inserts .90 inch length PN 038190 
Tap guide
High temp thread locker

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