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ATD ATD5401-8 Spark Plug Thread Inserts 8-Pack

ATD ATD5401-8 Spark Plug Thread Inserts 8-Pack image

Product #: ATD5401-8 DLT

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Free 2-3 day shipping in the USA. This listing is for an 8 pack of ATD 5401.  For use with the ATD 5400 for replacing Ford 4.6, 5.4 and 6.8 spark plug threads - M14x1.25mm. These inserts work great on spark plug holes that have had failed parts store kit repairs. The larger outside diameter and the lip on top is the reason they work to repair larger holes from repeat blowouts when others fail. Questions or need faster shipping? Call us at 800-524-9783.
Q I need to know the size or dimension of the outside of the insert, to know if it will be large enough to repair the spark plug hole threads that have already been fixed once before?
A The outside diameter of the insert is .73" or 18.65mm, this is measuring on the most outer part of the threads. If a HeliCoil was used before in the original repair this should work well. See the difference in thickness of the inserts below, on the left is the Heli-Coil and on the right is the ATD 5401
Q I have an insert that blew out after an engine rebuild, I can't afford the down time to have the engine pulled AGAIN. The insert that's still on the spark plug is not a thin Heli-Coil, it appears to be a Big Sert, which is the Time Sert oversize thread repair. My question is; Will the Calvan thread insert work in an engine after the Big Sert has blown out? The outside diameter of the Big Sert is .63" or 16mm.
A Yes. The drill bit included in the ATD 5400 spark plug repair kit is 11/16" ( .6875" or 17.4mm) so what you're telling me is you have a smaller hole than what the drill bit size is in our kit. So as long as the previous repair was drilled in the center, the ATD 5400 will work great. Also the kit has a guide that fits ion the spark plug recess so drilling and tapping will be centered every time, if you have a good view of where you're working or not. 
Q Does the ATD insert accept the same spark plug or will I have to remember to use a different spark plug in the repaired port?
A The ATD insert uses the same spark plug and has the identical taper and same number of threads, just stronger steel not aluminum.
Q The price for a single insert seems high, are you sure I don't get more than one insert for this price?

A We sell these individually too, but this listing is for a QTY of 8I understand this seems like a lot but for an insert of this quality, it's like most things in life "you get what you pay for." Who wants to trust a weaker design insert to hold in a spark plug, if it fails on a coil over plug design it may break a $25 plus coil, require the job to be done over again, or worse cause extensive engine damage requiring the replacement of the head. Also, if you find a better deal on this insert let us know and we may match it and provide free fast shipping!

Equivalent to the Snap On/Blue Point FRT10-INS replacement insert. They sell them for $38.95 each. Also works with the Mac SP389FC thread repair kits as well (same manufacturer).

See the video of the on the 38900 listing, Calvan CAL389-100 comes with one replacement spark plug insert (Quantity 1) for use with the...

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