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AAA9 Dodge Ram Recirculate Door Repair - Fix in Vehicle

AAA9 Dodge Ram Recirculate Door Repair - Fix in Vehicle image

Product #: AAA-9 DLT

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*Not restocking. See Fits 2002 thru 2008 Dodge Ram 1500, 2500 and 3500 series regardless of engine size. Dodge Ram 02-08 Broken recirculate door kit for replacing the broken plastic air deflector door located behind the glove box above the blower motor. Easily verify the original door is broken by inspecting through the grates behind the glove-box. Our kit installs a metal door that will not break. Unlike, the OE (original equipment) type door, our kit installs without taking the entire dash apart! It installs after removing the glove box.

Please verify your door is actually broken before ordering.

Tip- The blower motor can also be removed to help verify that there's a broken door before ordering (unless you want to upgrade even if your door isn't broken yet).
This repair can be done in the vehicle saving time and money. The dealer typically charges over a $1,000 for installing the same type plastic door. The air control door above the blower motor behind the glove box, may be referred to as the recirculate (re-circ) door, fresh air door or max (maximum) air door. By whatever name it's called, the original one is a weak plastic/composite design that commonly fails. The replacement door in this listing has steel construction which is a 1000 times stronger than the original equipment part. It simply won't ever break.

Basic Overview of the Re-circ (Recirculate) Door Replacement

The kit can be installed without removing the dash assembly and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) case. The glove box is removed to allow access to the part of the case which is worked on. The case is then cut to allow access saving several hours of work. To make the cuts in the case there are several choices of tools that may be used. Some prefer not to cut the case and just remove the blower motor to gain access. Here's a list of the different types of cutting tools that can be used.

1. Hot knife.

2. Pneumatic saw.

3. Sharp razor knife.

4. Dremel.

5. Regular drill with bit that is included.

Once the new door is installed the seam tape is used to seal the case. The glove box is re-installed and the job is completed. Since the evaporator case is not removed from the vehicle, there's no coolant loss and the AC lines do not have to be removed. Therefore, no removal of Freon is required. This saves money because no evacuate and recharge of refrigerant is needed.

This premium repair kit works for Dodge Ram 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008. Remove glove box and cut air grate for access. 
Included in Our Repair Kit
Recirculate Door, Steel Construction
Instructions - Refer to the Re-circ Door section.
Seam Tape
Drill Bit
Lead for 9V battery- Used to re-position actuator if needed. This may be needed if the actuator motor is in the incorrect position when lining the new door up. *The system will self calibrate the door upon first start up after the installation. Aren't computers great? It's that simple! After verifying the door is broken, order yours today. Restore proper AC and heat operation.

Image 5.0 stars out of 5
Steel Fresh Air Door - Great Fix!

Far superior replacement door for Dodge's weakly designed plastic recirculate door. Steel lasts forever PERIOD. Was very easy to install. Saved about $1000 by doing it myself!

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