OBD II Scan Tools

Roadi RDT79 Diagnostic Scan Tool

Roadi RDT79 Diagnostic Scan Tool image

Product #: RDIRDT79

Your Price: $184.65

  • Retrieves up to 290 enhanced live data
  • Reads out permanent codes (codes that were previously erased)
  • Records I/M status of freeze frame
  • Retrieves more ECU information (enhanced mode 9) that vehicle supports
  • Updates available via USB/Computer connection. (must have access to internet on PC)

This sophisticated unit will read a variety of OBD2 diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) from the on board computer of most 1996 and newer USA, European and Asian model cars and trucks. Easily and quickly determine the cause of why the "Check Engine" light is on and be able to erase codes and turn it off without going to the dealer. Diagnose problems saving time and money in repair costs. Also, retrieves vehicle information like VIN number and can check for potential problems prior to purchasing a car. This unit is the best High End Code Reader model as it can display live engine data chart and support data print out.

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