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Used Snap On Modis Scan Tool - Powerful, Fast, Easy.
Snap On MODIS, an innovative diagnostic scanner which helps you pinpoint and diagnose problems with today's sophisticated vehicle systems. The SnapOn MODIS diagnostic system is a tool that has advanced on-board diagnostic capabilities including Domestic and Asian Import Vehicle Communication Software. In addition the Modis has Snap On Tool's legendary Fast-Track Troubleshooter. The Snap On Fast Track Trouble Shooter has been around since "The Brick" the auto repair industry's only software that melds experience-based data along with scan tool instrumentation. Snap On's MODIS system also features a powerful 4-channel lab scope with multiple secondary ignition capabilities and a more than capable digital graphing multimeter built in with a common architecture and expandable ports. Snap On Fast-Track component tests include MODIS scope and DVOM instrumentation with information direct from factory-trained and ASE-certified master technicians to quickly locate, connect, test, scan and troubleshoot components. A hand-held Automotive Scan Tool with everything you need for today and tomorrow.

The Snap On MODIS Scan Tool system gives you fast one stop access to SnapOn's Domestic and Asian Import Vehicle Communication Software, supported by the industry's only experienced based Fast-Track Troubleshooter diagnostic database. Along with the hottest 4-channel lab scope, digital graphing multimeter and Fast-Track component tests and can help to speed up any automotive system diagnostic job in the shop.
The Modis makes it easy to diagnose today's cars and trucks be it foreign or Domestic. Snap-on's "easy scroll" feature allows technicians to easily navigate complex setups in seconds for complete and accurate repairs. No tool has more proven step-by-step repair procedures.
Powerful. A high-speed PC-based platform opens the door to the future of diagnostics. USB, Compact Flash, Serial and Infrared ports, and a full color VGA display enhance the user experience.

MODIS Elite Kit Features

Scanner. Legendary Snap-on Scanner capabilities are included in the diagnostic platform of the future. No other scan tool even comes close to putting this much diagnostic power in the palm of your hand. The MODIS Scanner graphs up to eight parameters of live data and displays complete trouble code descriptions for GM, Ford, Chrysler, Jeep and Asian imports. Optional European software Optional European software provides live data, trouble codes, and advanced capabilities for BMW, Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen/Audi. The MODIS system will interface with Domestic, Asian import and European OBD-I and OBD-II compliant vehicles.

Lab/Ignition Scope: The MODIS system has the most powerful 4-channel lab scope available. Our scope helps you radically reduce the diagnostic time associated with intermittent problems by displaying four component signatures and their interaction, simultaneously - the key to finding the root cause of intermittent problems. It has all the power you'd expect in a full-size digital scope. With its simple controls and menus, both the experienced and novice technician will use the MODIS system lab/ignition scope to diagnose vehicles with fuel injection, sensors, and distributorless ignition systems. The latest ignitions systems are no problem for the MODIS system when using the optional Snap-on exclusive distributor ignition interface and coil-on-plug adapters. Advanced 5 millisecond multiple secondary views include parade, raster, superimposed, and single cylinder (links to screen shot for each) screen shot

Digital Graphing Multimeter. The MODIS system has both a powerful, built-in Digital Graphing Multimeter and Dual Graphing Meter for the quick reliable measurements you need for working on today's vehicles. The large easy-to-read digital display features Min/Max display boxes to capture valuable troubleshooting information. The Digital Graphing Multimeter also allows you to plot individual automotive component signatures in an easy-to-read graphical display. Glitch detection has never been easier for such signals as MAF, TPS, O2 and more. The optional Snap-on Low Amps probe and Pressure/Vacuum Transducers expand the multimeter's versatility.

Fast-Track Troubleshooter Software: The MODIS system comes pre-loaded with all five of Snap-on's exclusive Fast-Track Troubleshooter titles, the industry's only experienced-based troubleshooting software for Domestic and Asian import vehicles. At the push of a button get VIN-specific "real-world" solutions, tips and repair strategies compiled by ASE certified master technicians for engine, transmission, body, airbag and ABS systems.

The Beauty of Modular Technology: The modular design of the MODIS system integrates Scanner, Lab/Ignition Scope, Digital Graphing Multimeter and expert Troubleshooter software into one unit. The latest MODIS software provides a common user interface for the optional Flexible Gas Analyzer, Technical Service Bulletins, and Heavy Duty Vehicle Communication Kit, extending your diagnostic capabilities even further. Future updates, enhancements and additional modules will allow you to expand the MODIS system capabilities. Utilizing advanced architecture makes upgrading MODIS software fast and easy.
Getting a Grip On Answers: Our new 4-way thumb pad lets you navigate MODIS fast. Just scroll, highlight, and press the "Y" button.

Connectivity and Ports: MODIS has a familiar PC-based format that allows for future expandability: VGA port for connecting to PC monitors (great for training), two compact flash slots, serial, USB, infrared wireless printer connection ports. The MODIS system is ready for future external diagnostic modules, PC/Network and internet connections.

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