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TIME-SERT 3221 Ford 3 Valve Sparkplug Thread Repair Kit

TIME-SERT 3221 Ford 3 Valve Sparkplug Thread Repair Kit image

Product #: Time Sert 3221 DLT

Your Price: $495.44

The Time-Sert 3221 Spark Plug Thread Repair Kit is for Ford 4.6 and 5.4 3 Valve spark plugs with special M16x1.5 threads that accept Autolite HT or MOTORCRAFT PLATINUM PZT spark plugs. Applicable to most 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and some 2008 Ford 5.4 3V engines (also fits 4.6 and 6.8 3valve engines). (Note that some 2008 models and newer may require a different kit due to a difference in the seat. Newer 2008's and up may use a special M12x1.25 Taper seat plug.) Kit comes with 5 inserts, more available separately. 

Time-Sert 3221 Thread Repair Kit Includes the Following

    Laminated Instructions Card

    PN 44190 Handle

    PN 32210 Wrench

    PN 32211 Reamer

    PN 32212 Tap

    PN 32213 Driver

    PN 55516 hex key 1/8

    PN 6010 Driver Oil

    QTY 5 - PN 32214 M16x1.5x12.7mm (comes with five inserts)

    Plastic, foam lined storage case.

Timesert is recommended by leading automotive manufacturers

*This is not recommended as an over the fender repair due to the long pilots on the reamer and tap, there is a possibility of the pilot breaking off and falling into the engine. Performing this repair on the vehicle can be done successfully, however it is done at the users risk. See the video below to get a basic idea of how the Timesert thread repair kit works. Also full pdf instructions which are printable are available at the following link. Click here.

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Image 5.0 stars out of 5
Great Kit!

The time-sert, and the 3 valve broken spark plug removal tool work perfectly to the design, it was so quick and easy I though that I had forgot something. Great tools like this is well worth the money not to mention what you save by not taken the vehicle to the shop.

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