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Innovative Products Of America 7865 Circuit Chaser Pigtail Tester

Innovative Products Of America 7865 Circuit Chaser Pigtail Tester image

Product #: IPA7865

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Brand: Innovative Products Of America

Troubleshoots tractor trailer circuits

  • One person can test all the lighting alone
  • Allows you to bypass troubled circuits while on the road
  • Eliminates guesswork
  • Comes with an extra jumper connector
The 7 round pin trailer tester identifies faulty circuit on trucks and trailers by attaching to the wire terminals . Plugs in line to the trailer to allow the truck to power the trailer while you test each circuit. Also has an emergency bypass feature which allows the user to remove the pin on the faulty circuit and jump power from the 12 volt supply for a temporary fix. Tests Truck side trailering circuits and Trailer Side Trailering circuits. Emergency bypass feature allows driver to safely return to show for repairs. Made from Durable ABS Plastic. 1 Year Limited Warranty.

Question: In regards to the pig tail tester you have product # IPA7865 I was wondering if the product has the abs line through the tester for testing abs signal through the 7 way?

Answer: The mention of ABS in the product listing is regarding the type of plastic and has nothing to do with ABS braking. No trailer has anti lock brakes tied into the vehicles anti lock braking system. So the answer is no. See the diagram for information on what all 7 way trailer brakes are wired for. *Note that the tester is for round pins not flat.

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