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MityVac MITMVA6832 Clamp-on Auto-refill Kit

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Product #: MITMVA6832

Your Price: $56.75

Brand: MityVac

• Vacuum bleed your entire brake system without returning to refill your master cylinder!
• Beginning July 2005, Mityvac will offer a great new accessory for our hand pump and compressed air vacuum brake bleeders.
• The new MVA6832 Clamp-on Auto-refill Kit
mounts on top of your car’s master cylinder and
automatically maintains the proper level of new brake fluid as you vacuum bleed the system.
• Once you’ve used this kit, you’ll wonder how you ever performed a brake job without it.

This automatic refiller is simple to use, and offers a number of features that make it unmatched in the market:
• First, although a 40 oz (1.2 l) reservoir is included for filling with new brake fluid, we also include two adapters that allow you to use standard 12 oz or 32 oz bottles. This eliminates
the mess and hassle associated with transferring fluid between bottles if you don’t purchase in bulk.
• Second, an on/off valve allows you to control the flow of fluid to prevent spillage when mounting or dismounting the kit.
• Third, an adjustable fluid level control allows you to adjust the unit to dispense fluid just to the max fill line on your master cylinder reservoir. This prevents overfilling the master cylinder, and having to remove excess fluid once the brake job is complete.
• Fourth, the unit sits on top of the master cylinder and clamps securely to the wall using a
thumb screw. This prevents it from tipping over if bumped, or when raising the vehicle
on a lift.
• Next time you bleed your brakes, don’t waste time running back and forth to the master
cylinder to top it off, or risk running it dry and pulling air into the lines. With this simple
kit, you can significantly reduce your bleed time, and rest assured your performing a professional job.

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