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Sealey SX400 VW Spline Alternator Pulley Tool Set

Sealey SX400 VW Spline Alternator Pulley Tool Set  image

Product #: SX400 (VW 3400) DLT

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See the more comprehensive CAL750 alternator clutch pulley kit in stock and ready to ship!
SX 400 Description below:
Permits easy removal of free wheel pulley from alternator either on or off the vehicle. Insert allows alternator shaft to be held while the pulley retainer is removed with the key nut. This set includes more than just the serrated VW 3400 factory spline tool, it includes the equivelant VW 3400 spline tool and the triple square tools required to be used with it.All stored in blow molded storage case. In the United States this tool is used mainly on the Audi A4, some BMW's, the VW Passat andVW Jettawithalternators that have clutches and are free spinning preventing the alt. pulley bolt from beingremoved easily. The kit is made in the UK and components within are of high quality. Note these tools are NOT to be used with impact guns. We have had a few out of the hundreds that we've sold,broken from improper use - i.e. tightening instead of loosening and/or using the incorrect size bit.We DO NOT warrantyany pieces in the kit for this reason.

Model No: SX400

Fits alternators thatuse the special 3400 spline tool includingAudi, BMW, Citroen, Ford, Mercedes, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Vauxhall, VW, Skoda. The following is a partial application list, the easiest way to knowif your alternator requires the spline tool is tovisually inspect it prior to ordering.
The most comprehensive alternator spline tool set for switching pulleys over to the replacement alternator. Jay, CarQuest
Absolutely necessary for R&R of pulleys on these new splined clutchalternators, similar to the H 2592 and the VW 3400, but this set is complete. Bill, Napa

VW Golf TDI A4 chassis w/ ALH engine 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003

VW Golf TDI A4 chassis w/ BEW engine 2004-2006

VW Jetta TDI A4 chassis w/ ALH engine 99,00,01,02, 03

VW Jetta TDI A4 chassis w/ BEW engine 2004-2005

VW Jetta TDI A5 chassis w/ BRM engine 2005-2006

VW New Beetle TDI A4 chassis w/ ALH engine 1998-2000

VW New Beetle TDI A4 chassis w/ BEW engine 2004-2006

VW Passat TDI B5.5 chassis w/ BHW engine 2004-2005

See video below for demostration of the proper use of the tool.

Contents: Key Nuts; 19.5 Spline, 28mm Hex, Inserts; TRX-Star* T50 x 65mm x 12mm Hex, M10 Spline x 65mm x 12mm Hex, M10 Spline x 110mm x 1/2 Sq Drive, M10 Spline x 140mm x 1/2 Sq Drive

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