TPMS Reset Tool – Chevy Tire Pressure Relearn Procedure

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Chevy Avalanche

 © Summary: How to enter the relearn mode and reset the tire pressure monitoring system on a 2006 Chevrolet Avalanche. The repair blog covers a common GM TPM (Tire Pressure Monitoring) system that uses direct pressure readings which displays on the dash. Lower cost alternatives to the Kent Moore J-46079 factory tool are available and shown in the tool repair article. A less expensive tool that can be used to reset GM TPM systems is the TIPS Reset Tool. Questions as to why tire pressure sensors fail to begin with.  Read the rest…

Ford Expedition Tire Pressure Monitor – Reset TPM

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2005 Ford Expedition TPM reset procedure requires a magnet

© – Reset Magnet for sale. Summary: In this auto repair blog post we outline the TPM reset procedure for the 2005 Ford Expedition, first allow me to explain a little about how Tire Pressure Monitoring systems work. TPM (Tire Pressure Monitor) systems are either direct or indirect. The 2005 Ford Expedition uses a direct tire pressure monitoring system. It has sensors that measure the exact tire pressure in each tire (this can also include the spare). The tire pressure sensors are incorporated into the metal valve stems on the Expedition, they transmit the tire pressure information to the ECU (Electronic Control Unit). TPM sensors have a battery that only last so long and will eventually fail over time like any other battery. TPM sensors are not serviceable, so when the battery goes bad the TPM sensor has to be replaced. If a tire is low and the TPM system is working properly, a warning will be displayed on the dash alerting the driver. The tire pressures should be checked as soon as possible to avoid damaging a tire beyond repair. Tire change mechanics must be careful when changing tires with TPM sensors because tire machines can easily damage a sensor. Fix a flat tire sealer or a similar product can also damage the sensors.

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