Engine Piston Hits # 6 Spark Plug

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©DenLorsTools.com  Summary: Question from reader about a spark plug being hit by the piston. It may be that the piston is not what’s hitting the sparkplug. There are a lot of images on-line showing broken valves which can cause the spark plug to be hit, which is much more likely.  Read the rest…

ProVision Borescopes and Video Inspection Scopes

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The large diameter camera wand is too big to access engine cylinders (M-Spector).

We’ve sold hundreds of Provision borescopes and we answer questions about this and other car tools everyday. ProVision scopes have been a very popular specialty tool for auto technicians as well as many other lines of work, see our Fiberoptic Borescope Uses, Tech Article for ideas on how they can be used. ProVision borescopes use fiberoptic technology. Fiber optic bore scopes have been the best option for mechnanics until recently. However, video based inspection scopes have some advantages over fiber optic inspection scopes. Fiberoptic borescopes use an eyepiece for viewing, while video based inspection scopes have a color video screen that can be viewed by several people at once. The fiberoptic inspection borescope has to be manually focused the see the subject clearly. The video based inspection scope has auto focus, which makes it easier to use.

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