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Broke a 3/16″ Drill Bit – What to use

How To Auto Repair, TIME-SERT Kits No Comments

Rescue Bit use DennisB © Summary: This is another question regarding how to drill out a tool like a drill bit which has a hard metal compound. While the Rescue Bit can also break in some cases, it has saved a lot of jobs. The success rate is good if recommendations are followed and common sense prevails.

Question – I broke a 3/16″ drill bit trying to drill out a broke bolt. Should I use your 1/8″ bit? The broken bit is about 1/4″ inside the hole with jagged edges showing, will the rescue bit be able to get the bit out, then the remnants of the bolt? Should I just use an extractor to get the bolt after the rescue bit removes the broken drill bit?

Answer – Usually you go a little smaller than what you’re trying to drill out so you can use a rounding motion, so I’d try the 1/8″. The rounding motion makes the hole a little bigger to reduce binding which could break the Rescue Bit. I’d also start with the reamer end of the Rescue Bit, because it would have less chance of snagging and breaking on the jagged part of the broken drill bit. An extractor could work but as always be careful not to break it! Too much force will break an extractor every-time if the bolt won’t budge. If the extractor idea doesn’t work keep in mind we sell Time Sert thread repair kits that can be used if needed to install a solid inert that allows the use of the same size bolt. Just need to know what size bolt to recommend a kit. In most cases we have over-size kits available, if needed that still uses the original size bolt.

The 1/8″ Rescue Bit can be used in a drill or in a die grinder. We have the 1/8″ Rescue Bit listed with a collet which is the adapter that fits 1/4″ straight and 90 degree air die grinders. It adapts the die grinder so it can use 1/8 accessories, in this case the 1/8″ Rescue Bit. See our Rescue Bits for sale on our main website.

Thread Insert for Spark Plug Fell into Cylinder Hole!

How To Auto Repair, TIME-SERT Kits 2 Comments

Dennis using Time Sert Summary: Solution for the problem of how to remove a spark plug insert that fell into the cylinder of an engine. Ford spark plug blowouts and how to repair using a spark plug thread repair kit are one of our most covered topics here at and at our sister site One question we’ve had several times recently is “what do you do if a Lisle or Sav-A-Thread insert threads down all the way into the hole and drops into the cylinder?” Ouch, that’s a scary thought, was our first reaction. (We also had a recent customer drop a tap from a parts store kit into the cylinder). Having to pull a head just to get a thread insert out is not an easy pill to swallow. After we thought about it for a moment… hey there is a way to get it out without removing the cylinder head!

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Window Motor and Regulator Installation Tips

Dodge Dakota, How To Auto Repair, Power Windows No Comments


Fig. 1   After the door panel is removed the motor-regulator assembly comes out easily.

© Summary: Tips on how to replace the window motor and regulator. On my 2007 Dodge Dakota the driver’s side window occasionally would not move (usually it would act up in the McDonald’s drive-thru). Other times it worked OK except for a little slower speed going up compared to the right front window.

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Car Won’t Shift Out of Park – Common Causes

DIY, How To Auto Repair No Comments


©  Summary: Various causes of car or trucks not shifting out of park. No matter which manufacturer Ford, Chevrolet, Chrysler etc, some causes of this problem may be the same. The shifter itself, the shift cable that goes from the shift selector to the transmission, the brake light switch, the shift inter-lock are some of the potential problems. This article is not about transmission failure or the fluid being too low for the car to move.

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Jaguar PCV Valve Vacuum Leak & Lean Codes

How To Auto Repair, Lean Codes 2 Comments


©  Summary: Lean codes P0171 and P0174 are some of the most common codes there are for Ford and Jaguars. If the car runs lean enough there can also be a misfire code. Here’s a recent question from one of our readers. See the original article linked towards the bottom of this page.

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Engine Cam/Crank Seal Tools – Removal and Installation

3M Products, How To Auto Repair, oil leaks, Timing Belt No Comments


© Summary: Removing camshaft and crankshaft seals without scratching the surface where the seals ride can be a little tricky. A scratch can cause the seal to leak ruining the whole job.

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GM 2.8, 3.1 & 3.4 Stripped Threads – TIME-SERT 1812CORE

Chevrolet, GM Intake, How To Auto Repair, TIME-SERT Kits 3 Comments Summary: Suggestions on how to properly repair stripped threads for rocker arm bolts in cylinder heads. Tools for repairing rocker arm bolt holes for gm 2.8, 3.1 and 3.4’s. Affected engines in GM vehicles are 2.8, 3.1 and 3.4 Liter V-6 motors. Aluminum cylinder heads used in Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Buick and Pontiac’s have a common problem with rocker arms coming loose. Misfire codes and very rough running conditions can indicate a fallen rocker arm.

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Hub Shark 7326 to R&R FWD Hub Bearings on the Car – Pain or Profit?

Bearing Replacement, How To Auto Repair No Comments


© Summary: Tips from an ASE Master Auto technician. Is the Hub Shark really better than old school bearing replacement? You may be surprised of what we found out. Included in the repair article you’ll see all the latest information on this time saving product. You Tube video, parts breakdown and printable pdf instructions. See how to make front wheel drive bearing jobs into a pleasurable PROFIT experience instead of just a PURE PAIN.

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Auto Repair Blogs – Free Automotive Tool Articles

General Interest, How To Auto Repair 2 Comments

Auto repair blogs, automotive tool articles car tips and advice.

© Summary: DenLors auto blog offers an open invitation to readers. Automotive technicians, weekend car mechanics and anyone in general that has an interest in saving money on tools are invited.

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KD Torque Angle Torque Wrench on Sale – See Video

How To Auto Repair, KD Tool Blog 2 Comments

© Summary: We’ve been selling the KD Gearwrench torque angle, torque wrench for some time now. These torque wrenches are so versatile, they make old click style torque wrenches seem obsolete.

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