Love Bugs Damage Car Paint – How to Prevent?

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©  Summary: Anyone who has been in Florida (or many other Gulf states) during May or September may already know that love bugs can damage a vehicle’s paint. What’s been tried and what works best to keep your car’s paint from being damaged?

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Auto Repair Blogs – Free Automotive Tool Articles

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Auto repair blogs, automotive tool articles car tips and advice.

© Summary: DenLors auto blog offers an open invitation to readers. Automotive technicians, weekend car mechanics and anyone in general that has an interest in saving money on tools are invited.

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Automotive Tools – One Key for Auto Technicians

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© Summary: The proper automotive tools are just one key component for a successful auto tech. Times have changed with vehicles becoming more complex all the time.

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The Best Car Code Reader – Is no Silver Bullet

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Autel code reader is an inexpensive solution for DIYers and a popular choice for pro’s when dragging out the big scanner can be avoided.
A recent question from a customer:
I have the following vehicles (2002 camry, 2007 camry, 2001 dodge deisel truck). my 2002 camry is giving a intermittent engine light and I’m thinking about buying a scanner. If I buy one I want one that will help me the most to ID the problem so I’m trying to figure out which models give me the most capability for my vehicles. I was considering the Techscan 7000 or the actron cbp-9185 or cp9190. I’m looking for much more than just something that tells me the code…. I want it to help me figure out what part is bad and am wondering if one model is better than another for my vehicles? If you have a different model you prefer please let me know which one and why. It is very difficult to understand what these scanners can do that makes one better than the other. 

Impala SS Two Tone Leather – from Cimo & Cimo’s Upholstery

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Summary: Due partially to the economy with people finding it harder to get financing, demand is down for new and used cars. Right now some great deals on slightly used cars can be picked up, even at the new car dealers.  This 5.3 V-8 2007 Impala SS loaded with 40,000 miles was picked up at a great price ($14,500) at Gordon Chevrolet in Tampa Florida. The leather was a little worn and honestly a little plain – too much grey was used on the interior. By getting this car at a great price, we budgeted enough money to snazz up the interior a bit. That’s where our local upholstery shop comes in. Cimo & Cimo’s Upholstery shop has a location in Tampa Florida, they will reupholster just about anything, from hot rods to yachts. Installing window film is a large part of their business too. Who in Florida would invest in a new leather interior for their car and not shade it from the sun? This article has before and after pictures of the plain grey and the two tone leather after it was installed.

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Big Three Bubble To Burst – Bailout or Bankruptcy Best Tool?

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Big three auto makers bubble is soon to burst, the question is should the Government bail them out? What is the best tool to use when it comes to their situation? What would your grandparents suggest? And what guarantee do we have that they won’t come back again later knocking on our door, begging for money like a drug addict in the middle of the night. What remains obviously apparent is that without bankruptcy, the big three will not be able to re-negotiate their obligations with the unions. No doubt, the unions have done their job of getting every dollar that they could for their members. The problem is, they may have just priced themselves out of a job.

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Automotive Mechanics Nitrile Gloves – Hands are Best Tools

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Cutting nails short keeps dirt from getting underneath – still stains

The picture above is of a neglected thumb (Not a nasty middle finger). Our hands are the most valuable tools we possess, it makes sense to protect them. I remember when I first started turning wrenches, you were a sissy and a wimp if you were afraid to get your hands dirty. I used to be constantly exposed to grease, oil, mineral spirits, carb cleaner and brake clean. I recall working I in a 10 bay shop, with the bays lined up in a row. Many times I was 6 to 9 bays away from the nearest sink, where we washed our hands. I would many times use brake clean to spray off my hands, to save time. In addition I  was frequently washing my hands with cleaners and hand soaps that would dry my hands out allowing the grime to easily work it’s way deep into my skin. Needless to say, my hands were constantly stained. The only time my hands would really come clean was when I went on vacation, especially to the beach. After a week away from dirt and grime, my hands in the salt water frequently for that week, my hands would finally get back to normal. My wife would always comment “your hands are so clean”.  Then back into the grease I would go until another year passed and it was vacation time again.  


Stains will not wash off  – they wear off
Later in my auto mechanics career, I realized that wearing latex or nitrile gloves were the only way to go. Instead of having to wash my hands before pulling a car out of the shop, all I had to do is take the disposable gloves off and I was on my way. This saved time and made me available for my next job sooner. When using adhesives like super glue or two part epoxy, gloves protect your hands and being able to peel them off quickly, helps prevent getting the adhesive on tools or the customer’s car.

Latex gloves sometimes causes allergic reactions for some people. Nitrile gloves are recommended for those that have sensitivity to latex products. Many new colors are available, including the most recent, I’ve seen…BLACK (Microflex Midknight Black nitrile gloves). 


Nitrile gloves usually cost a little more, but in most cases they last longer resisting easy tears.

At home I’ve found even more uses for nitrile gloves. Doing sprinkler repairs is a perfect example, when it comes time to use PVC solvent and glue, the gloves go on. Nothing seems to be worse about drying  your hands out than purple solvent and PVC glue. My wife even likes to have latex gloves on standby in the kitchen. After she makes hamburger patties or cuts up a chicken, she says it’s nice to be able to take the gloves off and throw them away, then you know your hands are safe to go into the utensil drawer.

We’ve got one customer that hangs drywall, that’s sold on nitrile gloves. Drywall joint compound can really dry out your hands. He likes the nitrile gloves also because he can still feel what he is doing. He says that since DenLors has free shipping at $199 and no sales tax outside the state of Florida, he’ll keep coming back.

Total Tool Budget Makeover – No Dave Ramsey

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Dave Ramsey is becoming more and popular these days, especially with the troubling financial times we are finding ourselves in. Dave Ramsey is a financial expert and writer, his most popular book is called The Total Money Makeover. He’s earned the title of financial guru by learning the hard way about finances and the risk of going head over heals in debt. Dave was leveraged in real estate investments to the tune of four million dollars over twenty years ago. As fate would have it, he lost it all when his short term loans were sold and the new banks demanded payment before it was possible for Dave to deliver. This experience has caused Dave to change his thinking on loans and personal finance. He now advises people to pay debt off and cut up the credit cards. I personally like his country boy, down to earth, shoot it to you straight mentality. Dave Ramsey reminds me of a teacher that I had back in high school. Frank Gentry, my old marketing teacher, had a similar laid back teaching style. Dave Ramsey’s lessons encourage you to think and grow. Few teacher’s names are remembered years later in life unless they have truly affected your way of thinking and how you view opportunities. Dave, like my old marketing teacher is definitely a “glass is half full” type of guy. If your sick and tired of living your life “pay check to pay check”, then you’ll definitely want to listen to what Dave has to say.
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Installing a Hydrogen Generator & Testing Gas Mileage

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Will a $150 hydrogen generator turn a 97 Saturn (Beater) into a miracle water car!?

Myth Busting.  Those of you who read our last post titled Is Hydrogen the Answer to America’s Rising Fuel Costs? know that I am skeptical of the claims found on the Internet, like Run your car on water and Save 57% Fuel & Double Gas Mileage. But after speaking to the aftermarket warranty inspector mentioned in that post, that thought it was plausible and he was willing to install a hydrogen generator on his 08 Civic, I figured I would give it try as well. Although the guys he talked to are sure that their hydrogen generators definitely work, for me seeing is believing. Even Popular Mechanics is also going to be testing a hydrogen generator to see if increased mileage claims can be verified or debunked. Even grown men have to play sometimes, right?

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Is Hydrogen the Answer to America’s Rising Fuel Costs?

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This Audi is popular in Europe, picture courtesy of

The Internet is littered with seemingly unbelievable claims, like “Run your car on water”. What does this mean? Pour water in my fuel tank? I must admit, until recently I’ve been a skeptic and have attributed all this Internet hype as another scam that only the gullible would fall for. After thinking about it though, all major car manufacturers are developing and testing hydrogen cars today. Most talk of the need for infrastructure providing hydrogen filling capabilities at gas stations. At the time of this post there are only a few filling stations that dispense hydrogen in the US.

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