Specialty Tools for Double Flaring & Bending Brake Lines

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Above is a flare made easy by the Calvan 164.

© DenLorsTools.com Summary: Question from a blog reader answered by a master auto technician regarding tools and advice for installing replacement brake lines.

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Disc Brake Service – Reduce Brake Pad Squeal

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Disc brake service is one of the most commonly performed DIY jobs.

© DenLorsTools.com Summary: Disc brake service is one of the most common jobs done by the weekend mechanic. Find out how to tell when brake pads need to be replaced, it’s simple after you know what to look for. Most people are surprised to find out that brake noise is one of the most common causes of comebacks that professional car repair shops deal with. Learn in this auto repair blog which types of cars are more prone to having squeaky brakes than others. Find out what some car owners do that causes brake squeak that they are not even aware of! Also learn what the professionals do to reduce brake noise to help prevent customers from having to bring their cars back for warranty repair.  Read the rest…