P1281 Code GMC Chevy Thermostat – Scanner Code Reader

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© DenLorsTools.com Summary: Applies to 2002 to 2009 second generation Trailblazers and Envoys with 4.2 Liter in-line 6 cylinders. This auto repair article is for GMC Envoys or Chevrolet Trailblazers when a P1281 fault code is scanned using a code reader or scan tool. The P1281 fault code is related to the engine not reaching operating temperature within the set parameter. More explanation of what the code means and suggestions on how to complete the repair much easier. Using any code reader or scan tool with OBD II capability is all that is needed to read and erase the fault code. 

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The Best Car Code Reader – Is no Silver Bullet

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Autel code reader is an inexpensive solution for DIYers and a popular choice for pro’s when dragging out the big scanner can be avoided.
A recent question from a customer:
I have the following vehicles (2002 camry, 2007 camry, 2001 dodge deisel truck). my 2002 camry is giving a intermittent engine light and I’m thinking about buying a scanner. If I buy one I want one that will help me the most to ID the problem so I’m trying to figure out which models give me the most capability for my vehicles. I was considering the Techscan 7000 or the actron cbp-9185 or cp9190. I’m looking for much more than just something that tells me the code…. I want it to help me figure out what part is bad and am wondering if one model is better than another for my vehicles? If you have a different model you prefer please let me know which one and why. It is very difficult to understand what these scanners can do that makes one better than the other. 

Genisys Scan Tool Updates or New Genisys Scan Tool with 4.0?

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Genisys scan tools have came down in price considerably over the last few years. Auto tech’s that own an older Genisys, MAC Mentor or Matco Determinator are bound to be faced with a decision to either update their scan tool or consider updating it. I recently had a couple of questions concerning Genisys scan tools, updates and cables – I thought I would use this forum to share them.

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Mode 6 – Find Ford Misfires Before Code Sets

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Mode $06 misfire information displayed

Misfires particularly in Ford cars and trucks can many times be identified before a misfire code sets and turns the CEL (Check Engine Light) on. This is a huge time saver, especially when there is a definite misfire felt but the code seems to take forever to appear. Fords take a long time in some cases to run through it’s necessary drive cycles needed for self testing. Auto technicians deal with this common problem of diagnosing misfires on Ford vehicles with no codes set by using Mode $06. Usually only manufacturer specific scan tools will display misfire data when there’s no code, but OBD 2 generic scan tools that can access mode 6 on Ford vehicles can be a great help.

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The Truth About OTC 3825 Pegisys & Verus – Scan Tools

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Snap_On_Truck Tampa

No Verus on this Snap On Truck

I stepped onto a Snap On truck today to get a close up shot of the Verus for this blog. The Snap On salesman said he couldn’t justify the expense of keeping a Verus scan tool in stock, it sells for $8895 without accessories. Quite understandable with today’s economic state and the price of the Snap On Verus scan tool approaching the cost of a new economy car like the Nissan Versa.

  $8895 Verus
  $9990 Versa
The inspiration for this article, came from a comment on a recent mechanics tool blog about the OTC 3825 Pegisys Scan Tool. An anonymous guy that filled out his name as The Truth, made the following, rather lengthy comment that I thought deserved a blog of it’s own. Below is what he had to say.

The Truth. “Obviously there is a huge bias towards the OTC tools on this site, so it is pointless to try and make a direct comparison. The VERUS is an actual COMPUTER, running windows XP, capable of running numerous applications and going to unlimited websites. The Pegisys is simply a custom interface with a touchscreen. The ONLY websites you can access are for software downloads and identifix. All of the information in the “comparison info” on the OTC site is misconstrued and mostly lies. Having used both, the verus has the better screen, better interface, better true shop capabilities, etc, etc, etc… the list goes on and on. What are the major complaints here? personality keys? really? We have been using them for a very long time, it’s not that big of a deal. The wireless link to the pegisys failed multiple times during the demonstration by the napa rep, I wouldn’t try and use that day to day. Also, the verus stores customer information and vehicle information until deleted, not for just two weeks like pegisys. And the ability to graph and record ALL PIDS at once, instead of just the three on screen is critical! The verus is always recording pid data from when you enter the datastream, when I used the pegisys I noticed that the unit would start graphing other pids when you switched to them, but would lose the history of the ones previously shown. To the host here, how can you deny that pegisys is NOT a genisys with a touchscreen. Same information (less actually) no true online capabilities, no true computer capabilities. Why not tell a little truth now and then.”

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OTC Genisys Scan Tool Questions – Best Deal Now FAQ

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OTC Genisys scan tool screen shot with 3.0 operating system booting up.

Jump straight to the best deal on an OTC Genisys EVO right now – OTC3869 Fall 2011. DenLors has many automotive tools for sale and we answer many questions everyday. The questions below were asked recently related to Genisys scan tools and I thought I would share my responses, in case it may help others when considering the purchase of a Genisys scan tool, accessories or European software updates. Keep in mind information on software and limited time deals are obviously time sensitive, so consider the date of this post. You may also be interested in a previous post – OTC

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Halloween Tool Special – Equus Innova 3140 Scan Tool

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Equus 3140 Limited Time Halloween Tool Special – 10/31/2008 

For our Halloween Special, the Equus Innova 3140 Pro Scan Tool is on sale until midnight October 31, 2008 for $219.95 with free shipping within the continental US. The Equus Automotive scan tool (3140) has OBD I, OBD II and CAN (Controlled Area Network) capability.

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Choosing a Wireless Auto Scan Tool – Snap On OTC & Launch

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It seems that with all the new choices for wireless automotive scan tools now, information is hard to come by. Our recently revised automotive tech article compares the top three wireless, touch screen automotive scan tools from Snap On (Verus), OTC (Pegisys) and Launch (X431Tool). Snap On known for it’s quality tools and yes, high prices.

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Automotive Code Reader and Scanner Review

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Good – Simple Actron Code Reader CP9125

The CP9125 Actron code reader is a very popular choice for the DIY (Do it Yourself-er) and for many used car dealers that want to read codes before the auction (or clear the codes prior to their car being ran through). The size of this tool makes it easy to carry in your pocket. No frills, just a good basic code reader with about 3,000 definitions for Global OBD 2 codes.

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Latest Scan Tools – OTC Genisys Still Hard to Beat

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What’s in your toolbox?

Recently I sat in on a CarQuest sponsored auto technician training class for Auto Enginuity and the Carman Wi. Both of these scan tool software’s are PC (Personal Computer) based. The Auto Enginuity scan tool software is an up and coming player in the scan tool arena that has more USA Domestic capability than the Carman Wi. The Carman Wi is a Korean based auto scan tool software that has much more capability when it comes to Asian vehicles, in particular the Hyundai and Kia. The Carman Wi lacks OBD II function, it’s not surprising since this tool is made mostly for the Asian market place where OBD II does not exist. Each of these tools are a work in progress.

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