Harley Davidson Stripped Drain Plug Hole – Best Fix

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Oil Pan Thread FIX DenLorsTools.com Summary: There are several options for repairing stripped holes for oil and transmission drain plugs on motorcycles – only one is the best fix. Regardless of whether it’s a Harley or any other type of motorcycle, these repair tips will help. See our oil pan/housing thread repair kits or read on for the advantages and disadvantages of the different ideas for repairs in this article. As you’ll learn I am biased towards a certain repair solution, but with good reason. Read the rest…

Impala Transmission Cooler Line Leak

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© DenLorsTools.com Summary: Quick connect transmission cooler lines allow for quick assembly at the factory. Problem is the tiny o’ring inside the coupler can cause ATF (automatic transmission fluid) leaks. Read the rest…