Motor Vehicle Aircon Regas Questions and Answers FAQ’s

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Car Refrigerant Regassing Summary: Motor vehicle air conditioning questions answered from all over the world by a master air conditioning technician in Florida. Simple to understand terms are used to resolve issues and to help the reader understand problems with their car’s Air con system (A/C system). Low gas (refrigerant) is the most common problem a car’s aircon system could have, but it’s not always the issue. One shouldn’dt assume that the solution is always to top-up (top off) a system. A re-gas that adds too much R134A only causes more problems. Many garages will do a free pressure check. However, simply checking the pressure readings is not a foolproof test of the air conditioning system’s health. But, a knowledgeable motor vehicle technician can make a good evaluation of the A/C’s performance based on the readings and a visual inspection of the components. After evaluation, a regas (recharge) may be done or a more accurate fill of refrigerant can be performed by removing the remaining refrigerant, vacuuming the system down and recharging with the vehicle’s specified amount of gas.

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Freon Won’t go in Car When Charging

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Freon not going in Audi Summary: Questions answered by a master tech, regarding a car’s AC system when the Freon just won’t leave the can. When the vehicle’s air conditioning system doesn’t accept a charge of refrigerant there can be many issues, or the problem could be solved easily. Understanding how the system works in easy to understand terms is the best place to start. This and other helpful A/C articles when it’s hot outside and it’s time to get the car’s air con working again.

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What’s the Best Refrigerant Leak Detector? No false alarms.

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Propane Leak Summary: So what’s the best refrigerant leak detector to use when looking for leaks on car air conditioning systems? I’ll answer that but first a little quick history. I originally used a propane leak detector when I started working on air conditioning on cars back at Goodyear in the 1980’s. The old propane leak detectors were very dependable. No false alarms. Read the rest…

Windshield Fogged Up – Auto Repair Tips

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Foggy car windshields are a real safety issue. Foggy windows make it hard to see out and therefore dangerous to drive. Particularly when it’s raining and the car windows have to be rolled up this can be a huge problem. The problem can be even worse if the haze on the windows has a filmy consistency preventing the view to be clear even after wiping the windows off. If there is a filmy residue it could be a sign that the heater core is leaking.

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Adding 134A to Car’s A/C – Topping Off a System

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Charging up a car’s A/C system by adding 134A will make it blow cold, won’t it? ”Sometimes” is the correct answer. With some luck this might be just the ticket. But without knowing the gauge readings, topping off a system is just a guess. One of the most common causes of a car’s A/C not cooling is low refrigerant so there is actually a good chance that adding refrigerant is needed.

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Mastercool 69788-A Replacing the Dryer Filters

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© Summary: This article has an excerpt from the Mastercool 69788-A pdf manual that outlines installing the replacement filters. Replacing the Dryer Filters is now necessary to meet the SAE J-2788 requirements for adequate moisture and contaminant removal. Keep in mind this is not something that the AC machine manufacturers are requiring, it is required to comply with the SAE J-2788 mandate. That’s why all the machines no matter which brand that are SAE J-2788 compliant, which includes all of them manufactured now, will require the replacement of filters every 150 pounds recycled. A code is required that helps ensure that the filters were actually replaced.

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Smell Coming From Inside Car or Vents

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 © Summary:  There are several things that can cause a bad odor inside the car. Spilled drinks can be an obvious source of a bad smell. Or, remnants of fast-food that has fallen to rest, in the infamous “black hole”. That’s the area between the console and the seat that dropped crumbs seem to be drawn to. With lack of cleanliness aside, there are less obvious causes of  stale odors that come deep, from within the dash.

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Car A/C Questions – Sight Glass, Condenser, Hot Outside Temp

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Black vehicles never cool as easily as white ones, consider this on your next purchase.

© Summary: ASE Florida Master auto technician answers questions from a reader in Pakistan. Pakistan’s temperatures exceed Florida’s which is normally considered one of the most demanding climates on a car’s AC system.  Read on for several questions from Usman in Pakistan.

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Car AC Vacuum Pumps – FAQ’s

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© Summary: Florida ASE Master Tech explains what automotive AC vacuum pumps are used for and answers frequently asked questions regarding their practical use when servicing car air conditioning.

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Car A/C Stops Cooling or Working After a Few Minutes

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©  Summary: Suggestions of possible causes, when a car air conditioning system stops cooling after a few minutes. Reasons why the A/C can stop intermittently.

There are several possible causes of a vehicle’s air conditioning system  to stop working after being on for only a few minutes. Basically the causes are either the A/C evaporator is getting too cold and icing up or there’s an electrical problem causing an open circuit.

My Parents Chevy Had this Problem

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