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Parts store spark plug thread repair failed!

12:57 pm Ford Problems

The most common problem we help people deal with is related to parts store thread repair kits that have failed. Once this happens the owner or shop sometimes tries unsuccessfully to re-install another of the same type inserts. When a parts store insert fails it makes the hole bigger, which prevents the same size insert from being able to help matters. Other times, some shops will say (mistakenly) that the cylinder head has to be replaced! If you have a similar situation, we can most likely recommend to you or your repair shop a professional, permanent type repair that will save the head and save a lot of money. No time to read? Call us at 800-524-9783 x251.

We sell different brands and can recommend one that can save the cylinder head from needing to be replaced 99% of the time. Unlike other sellers online, we have experience using our kits, not just selling them. Our kits work when others fail because the outside diameter of our inserts are larger and because of the way our inserts are held in. Unlike, parts store inserts that either “self tap” like the cheap Chinese Dorman repairs; or others like Save A Thread by Helicoil that are supposedly held in by hitting a cone shaped tool into the insert to spread the top! Scary right? What a bad idea. Our inserts are locked into place with far better methods, which are time tested. We’ve been selling spark plug thread repair kits since 2005. One of our kits, the Calvan 38900-1, uses an insert which has a .85″ lip on top that tightens down similarly to how a bolt fastens. In addition to the lip being a positive stop, it can also help seal the top edge around the threads. The lip is like the “head” of a bolt, which tightens down. This “lip” also makes it impossible to run the insert too far. What happens if a parts store insert goes too far? Well, the parts store insert can actually fall down inside the cylinder causing a bad situation to become much worse. The insert can be almost impossible to get out without removing the cylinder head. But, if this happens we do have a solution without removing the head. By using the reamer in our triple oversize Time Sert 5600-389-4000 kit; just enough room is provided to get a fallen parts store insert out of the head, before finishing the repair up. Want to check to see what the best permanent type repair is best for your current situation? Give us a call and we can discuss.

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