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Calvan 38900 Romeo

DennisB © Summary: We’ve compiled some of the Calvan 38900 spark plug thread repair videos here. Some are from which is our second website. We’ve been selling spark plug thread repairs since 2005. Calvan 38900 is the 2V kit which is used on many 4.6, 5.4 and 6.8 Liter engines made by Ford. The common spark plug blowout issue has been around quite awhile and surprisingly the issue still persists. Ford starting using the 3V engines in 2004 on some models. The 3V engine uses an M16x1.5 spark plug that doesn’t have the same blowout issue as the previous M14x1.25 spark plugs used in the 2V engines. The 3V spark plugs have a breaking issue when removing. The threads can be damaged though which could indirectly cause a blowout issue if the threads are damaged when changing the plugs. What people don’t realize is that Ford still used the 2V engines that have the common spark plug blowout problem after 2004 in some models. One surprising fact is that the 2V engine was used in the E150 with a 4.6 from 1997 all the way through 2014! See our Calvan 38900 product listing for a full list of vehicles that uses the 2V engine.

OK so here’s the videos. First and second we start with the original Calvan 38900 spark plug thread repair demonstration video that looks ancient has poor quality but very useful information for anyone doing this repair for the first time.

Part 1

Part 2

Next up is a video that shows where the casting numbers are for identifying Rome and Windsor style heads. Romeo is the one that has extra step material above the spark plug. This is for 2001 and up 4.6, 5.4 and 6.8. Romeo style heads will have the following casting number – RF-1L2E.

This video shows why the engine’s valves should be closed before sticking any tooling down the spark plug hole. Don’t bend the valves. Isolate that cylinder preventing metal debris from being blown further into the engine.

The next one is a demonstration video of the Calvan 38900 spark plug thread repair kit being used on a Romeo style head. We’ve been selling the Calvan kit a long time and have had no problems ever reported with using the 38900 on Romeo style heads. For those concerned that the spark plug positioning is too high, the Time Sert 5553 or 5600 can be used that has a counter-bore. This allows the spark plug to be positioned a little lower.

The video below was made when we started selling the Calvan 38900’s with 1-10 inserts. This allows our customers to purchase a kit with one insert at the lowest price possible or any other number of inserts up to 10 that fits their needs.

The next video talks about a common question we get. Are the inserts in the Calvan 38900 kit aluminum?

Snap On FRT10 is the same as the Calvan 38900. Our inserts are about 1/2 the cost of Snap On!

Common questions regarding over-size repairs when a parts store temporary kit has been used.

Big Bigger and Biggest spark plug thread repair kits.

Questions on applications other than the most common 4.6, 5.4 and 6.8.

Ok, so what if your spark plug hole is too big for the Calvan? Well the Time Sert 5600 is the largest repair available on the market today. Here’s the demonstration video that I did awhile back on a Ford F150.

We know that when researching Ford spark plug blow outs for your particular repair can be overwhelming. If you’d like some help in determining which thread repair kit is best for your situation, give us a call at 800-524-9783 extension 251. See below for our most common kits.

Calvan 38900

Time Sert 5553

Time Sert 5600

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