Calvan 38900 Replacement Spark Plug Insert 389-100

10:16 am Calvan Tools

Calvan 389-100 InsertDennisB © Summary: More than great pricing on the 38900 kit and replacement insert pn 389-100. We’ve been selling the 38900 Ford spark plug thread repair kit since 2005. The image of the 389-100 insert was our original pic that has been used by many websites after carefully cropping out our web address (see below). One thing that the other websites cannot duplicate is our experience when it comes to spark plug thread repairs kits and repairs.

Original 389-100 PicSeldom will you find anyone online that has actual “hands on” experience using the tools they sell. Being a master tech for over thirty years, allows me to provide much more information than our competitors. We have the 38900 kits made by Horizon Tools available in 1-10 inserts so you can purchase the exact number of inserts you want. We provide emailed tips after the purchase, just write “Tips” in the comment section when checking out. Our tips were written with feedback from our customers over the many years we’ve been selling this kit, combined with the mechanical know-how that I have from working on cars since the 1980’s. We also have the 389-100 at a great price. This is a replacement insert for the 38900 Calvan, the FRT10 Snap On Blue Point kit, the ATD-5400 kit, the Mac SP389FC kit and the CTA 2367 spark plug thread repair kits. You see they’re all made by Horizon Tools with different labeling. Whatever the branding, these are great kits. And with our technical support, flexibility in the number of inserts and great pricing, it’s impossible to go wrong. For more information see the 389-100 product listing and our Calvan 38900 product listing. We have helpful links on those pages and videos answering some of the most common questions and as always we’re here to help answer any other questions our customers have. Thanks, for your support.

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