Time Sert GM-Chevrolet Head Bolt Thread Repair Kits

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Time Sert made in AmericaDennisB DenLorsTools.com © Summary: GM only authorizes one thread repair company for their aluminum blocks – Time Sert. Over the years Time Sert has worked together with GM’s engineers to design only the best quality thread repair kits in the business. That’s why Chevrolet only approves Time Sert for thread repairs in their aluminum blocks. Best of all Time Sert Kits are made in the USA.

The need to do quality thread repairs in the automotive industry is nothing new. What is fairly new is the use of so many aluminum engine blocks, cylinder heads and other components that typically have more thread fatigue issues than cast iron ever had. General Motors Corporation has conducted official studies that have proven Time-Sert thread repair kits, which use solid bushing type threaded inserts, are far better than wound type, coiled wire/spring inserts especially in crucial fastening applications such as cylinder heads to engine blocks. Heat and contraction can wreak havoc on lesser quality thread repairs. Original threads in aluminum are rolled for greater strength but they can easily be cross-threaded or pulled out if a fastener is over-torqued. Thread repair kits from Time Sert provide a new, stronger set of threads which match the original thread size so the original fastener can be used. This eliminates problems related to “up-sizing” like finding a suitable new fastener and fitting larger size fasteners through components.

• Time Sert is Classified as Essential for GM dealers to achieve consistent repairs across vehicle lines.

• Time Sert solid bushing inserts install easily and completely fill the tapped hole to protect against damage from stress or vibration.

• Time Sert is the only thread repair system with rolled threads; matching the threads in aluminum engine blocks and other components.

• Time Sert withstands high engine operating temperatures while maintaining their structure and strength.

• Time Sert inserts are thin-walled due to synchronized internal and external threads. They can be installed in confined areas with minimal tolerances.

• Bottom internal threads are cold rolled expanding the mating external threads into the base material. This method firmly locks the insert in place.

GM Time Sert thread repair kits include drill bits (reamers), thread taps, installation driver tools and related inserts for each thread size required per application.

DenLors Tools is and authorized Time Sert distributor with master auto technicians available to help answer questions on applications to ensure the correct thread repair kit is purchased. Next day shipping available anywhere in the contiguous United States – 800-524-9783.

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    Time Sert available now by calling 800-524-9783 or visiting our website – http://www.denlorstools.com/home/dt1/smartlist_1762/time-sert_thread_kits_inserts.html

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