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DennisB DenLorsTools.com © Summary: Dennis discusses Time Sert add on kits for doing triple oversize spark plug thread repairs when a hole is too big for a regular Time Sert (Big Sert) kit. *Note, a Big Sert kit must be used in conjunction with the 5588 for the largest repair which is the triple oversized one. And the 5678 must be used along with components from the 5600 kit. Our kits are made in the USA and are professional grade. Repair shops and many do-it yourselfers love our kits. It’s the engineering and design that makes the difference. Use one and you’ll know first hand. And the best part is that Time Sert spark plug thread repair kits are used without removing the cylinder head, by working right over the fender!

If you or your repair shop, already have a Time Sert 5553 spark plug thread repair kit (which works on holes up to .66″) and would like the capability of doing repairs on larger holes, then we’ve got the kit for you. The 5588 can install the triple oversized insert and then the Big Sert from the 5553 is used installing a Big Sert insert inside of it. This reduces the inside hole diameter down to an M14x1.25 to accept a regular size spark plug. In most cases it’s recommended to use the smallest repair necessary. That’s why many shops purchase both, the Time Sert 5553 and the 5588. That way they can use the 5553 alone most of the time. But when a vehicle comes in the shop that has a mangled spark plug hole from one or two previous failed repairs, the 5588 can be used to save the day. Again, the 5588 by itself will not do the trick. It has to be used with the 5553. For a stand alone option, the 5600 kit can be used. See below for more information on this great kit. And also check out our video on the Time Sert 5600 product listing.

Time Sert 5678 Add-on kit for the 5600

The Time Sert 5600 is one of our best sellers because it is the largest spark plug thread repair kit made. And with so many temporary repair kits sold at the parts stores that usually end up failing; we get a lot of calls for solutions to repair these (now larger) holes. The 5600 repairs holes up to .73″. It uses an insert inside of another insert to obtain the largest O.D. available in any brand. Like mentioned above the original size M14x1.25 spark plug is used, so there’s no potential misfire problems that could be caused by using different type plugs, like some of those parts store kits use. With the 5600 kit you can’t just install the smaller of the two inserts. That’s where the 5678 add-on kit comes in. The 5678 allows you to install the smaller of the two inserts. * Again, the 5678 cannot be used alone. It requires the use of some components that come in the 5600 kit, if only installing one insert. If installing both inserts, the 5600 kit works as a stand alone kit.

OK hopefully I haven’t totally confused you. Basically, if you have the 5553 and the 5588 or the 5600 and the 5678 you will have the same capability and options. Any questions see our product listings or give us a call.

Time Sert 5553 – Big Sert kit used most of the time for repairs on Ford 4.6, 5.4 and 6.8 but also works on many other applications for Tapered seat M14x1.25. Washer seat inserts also available.

Time Sert 5588 – Triple oversized add-on kit to be used with the 5553 that allows repair of larger holes up to .73″.

Time Sert 5600 – Stand alone kit that installs two inserts per hole – the largest repair kit available that saves heads that normally would have to be replaced after multiple repair attempts with parts store kits.

Time Sert 5678 – Add on kit for 5600 that allows the installation of the smaller of the two inserts. This comes in handy if you already own the 5600 kit and want the option of not going triple oversize every time.

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