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© Summary: Time saving and money saving aluminum thread repair kits. Time Sert is approved by GM and other car manufacturers to repair crucial aluminum threads in engine components.

Time Sert Kits are a cost saving solution to repair aluminum threads that become damaged for any reason, making the threads stronger than original. Aluminum components are used on most vehicles to lower the overall weight of cars and trucks. This helps to increase gas mileage by lightening the load. Aluminum as an engine component material has a lot of great features. It’s lightweight, easy to form and machine which makes the manufacturing process faster. The problem is that aluminum is simply not as forgiving as steel in many applications. This is particularly true with engine components where threads for bolts are involved. With engines, heating and cooling occurs repeatedly, this is normal. But this can wreak havoc on crucial threads for spark plugs and head bolts. Computer controlled engines are designed to run at higher temperatures than non-computerized motors. The higher temperatures assist in atomizing gasoline and allowing the fuel delivery and combustion systems to be more efficient. The higher temperatures are even more stressful on key components.

Threaded aluminum holes coupled with steel are a common problem area. In addition to threads failing because of problems related to heat, some aluminum threads simply fail due to repeated use, like drain plug threads. As mentioned in a previous repair article; when drain plug threads are stretched, stripped or otherwise worn; oversized drain plugs or piggyback plugs can be used as a temporary fix. However, one of the best ways to professionally repair aluminum oil pans is to use an aluminum thread repair kit. The steel threads will replace the weaker tensil strength, aluminum threads with a much stronger bushing type steel threaded insert. The replacement inserts are designed to accept the same size original drain plug. The same is true when repairing aluminum threads for spark plugs in a cylinder head or repairing aluminum threads in an engine block for head bolts. These type of aluminum thread repair kits made by Time Sert, routinely save car owners the expense of replacing expensive engine components, the extra time and associated labor costs. Click the following to see aluminum thread repair kits for sale now. We are an authorized Time Sert dealer.

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