Subaru with Previously Repaired Headbolt Threads – Time-Sert Question

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©  Summary: A question about the application of a TIME-SERT kit for a subaru which has had a Heli-Coil fail. Technician at a Subaru dealer needs an over-sized thread repair solution for saving the cylinder head on his customer’s Subaru. One head bolt hole has never been repaired before but has damaged or stripped threads.

Question – I need to be able to repair subaru head bolt block holes 11 x 1.25 millimeter. I need to repair holes that someone has already installed a helicoil into, that failed. I also need first time bolt hole repair kit for the same size. What do you recommend? Thanks Dewayne.

Answer – Dewayne, Thanks for the inquiry. You could purchase two different kits, the regular TIME-SERT thread repair kit and over size which TIME-SERT calls “Big Sert”. Or you could just use the Big Sert kit for both holes which is what I would do since it would only require ONE thread repair kit. Since you are at the Subaru dealer you may opt to purchase both thread repair kits to have either option for future repairs. The choice is yours. See Below.

TIME-SERT Kits for Subaru Headbolt Threads 11 x 1.25mm

Time-Sert Kit 11125 Reg. Size Kit

Time-Sert 11125BS Big Sert Kit

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