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©  Summary: I’ve been asked several times recently by do-it your selfers about which strut spring compressor they should get. I offer a couple of options in this short tool article.

Question – Hello, I need a spring compressor. I am planning to change the front and rear struts on my Lexus. Which spring compressor should I buy and how much is it? Will P.

Answer –  Will, springs can be very dangerous to deal with. Even professional tech’s that may not work with springs very often might struggle sometimes. That’s even with large wall mounted spring compressors which are easier to use than small less expensive versions. If this is a one time job, you may want to choose any of the spring compressors in the section below that include the word “strut” in the name, like the KD 3387. Spring compressors that don’t have “strut” in their name may only be for larger coil springs which are used in non strut suspensions. Prices start at around $50 and go up depending upon the design and brand.…automotive_strut_spring_tools_spring_compressors.html

Another option would be for you to remove the strut assemblies and take them to Pep Boys or Napa. Call them first to verify that, the store near you offers this service. You would pay them to change over the struts, using their compressor. When I worked at Pep Boys, years ago we did it all the time for our customers. Good Luck, DennisB

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