Time-Sert Kit 1812CORE-BS for GM Rocker Arm Bolt Hole Threads

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Time-Sert-1812CORE-BS-Kit© DenLorsTools.com  Product announcement for a new Time Sert Kit. The new Time Sert kit PN 1812CORE-BS is for repairing threads that were previously repaired with a competitive brand insert. Vehicles affected are Chevrolet, Oldsmobile and Pontiac’s with 3.1 or 3.4 Liter engines. See the product listing by clicking on the image for more information. Rockers on these cars are held on with one bolt. The heads are aluminum are subject to wear very easily when intake gaskets are being serviced. Heli-Coils may be used, however if their thin coil of wire fails under stress, the cylinder had can still be saved. The Time-Sert 1812CORE BS is an over sized (Time-Sert call it Big Sert) repair that can save the cylinder head if there’s a repeat failure from Heli-Coil.

Make sure you’re vehicle has the M8x1.25 millimeter bolts and not the M10x1.5. The 1812COREBS is the Time Sert oversize specific tool kit for the rocker arm hole tgread repair. A customer recently asked about the 5812 which is also a Big Sert M8x1.25 thread repair kit. The main difference is that the 5812 only has a two flute reamer (drill) which could break when used on the GM head due to the slot. The slot is for the lining up of the rocket arm assembly. The 2 flute bit can get caught in that groove and snap. The 4 flute bit that is included in the 1812CORE has no problem getting snagged.

Here’s more on the bit. The core drill countersink combination will have to set by hand. We use this special 4 flute core drill because it makes drilling through a slot easy. Using a traditional 2 flute is difficult because the drill it wants to hang on the slot and break.  *When installing BIG-SERT inserts do NOT back up. Use a continuous right hand rotation of the install driver tool.

See the Time Sert 1812COREBS product listing for more information including the current pricing.


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