CV Joint Removal – Tools and Tips from DenLors

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The image above is what a typical torn CV boot looks like – More articles at

© Summary: Tips from an ASE Master Auto technician on removing C.V. (Constant Velocity) axles. Some CV 1/2 shafts are very hard to remove when the wrong procedures are used. Specialty tools are needed in some cases to remove the 1/2 shaft and prevent damage to the trans-axle housing. Advice on diagnosing noises, replacing just the CV boot, the CV joint or entire CV 1/2 shaft.

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HFO 1234yf Refrigerant Replacing 134A – FAQ’s at DenLors Tools

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Image courtesy of the EPA

© Summary: Article covering the new type of car A/C refrigerant refrigerant for cars to be produced by Dupont and Honeywell. It’s actually called  HFO-1234yf to be used in automobiles in the near future. Many repair shop owners are asking the following questions; When will it be replacing 134A? Should I purchase a new 134A AC machine, or wait? Are there any other tools needed to help prevent contamination when handling this new refrigerant? Will the new Freon be a “drop in” replacement? These questions and more are answered regarding R1234 (HFO-1234yf) which is the replacement refrigerant for R-134A.

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Honda Crank Pulley Locking Tool – Size, Measuring info from DenLors

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Honda 50mm Crank Pulley slot measurement - DenLors Tools.

© Summary: Purchase the Honda crank pulley tool now or continue reading for more information. DenLors Tools provides info on Honda and Acura crank pulley hexagon slot opening measurement. Measuring the size is important to determine what size holding tool is required for securing the crank pulley to loosen the crankshaft pulley bolt. Conversion from millimeters to inches provided in the photos for 45mm and 50mm. Read the rest…

DSR PSJ2212 Jump Box – Don Schumacher 2212 at DenLors Tools

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DenLors Tools’ DSR PSJ2200 Series Jump Starter has a built in voltmeter for checking alternator output.

© Summary: Hello, in case you’re not a regular reader of our car repair blog, I’m Dennis Bandy. The picture above is my jump starter. A little about myself – I’m an ASE master tech for over twenty five years. I founded DenLors Tools back in 2005. We’ve sold well over a million dollars in car tools! Which jump starter do I think is best? This is one of the questions that I hear often. We cover this today on this post at DenLors Tools “car repair blog”. Read the rest…

Finding Refrigerant Leaks – Car AC Tips from DenLors Tools

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Refrigerant leaks aren’t always this obvious. The compressor housing was cracked wide open.

© Summary: Master automotive technician provides tips and suggestions for finding refrigerant leaks. There are several methods to help diagnose and pinpoint 134A refrigerant leaks in cars. We cover the most common ways to check for leaks. Also we’ll list where certain car manufacturers weak points are when it comes to Freon leaks. Read on to learn how the pros do it.  Read the rest…

Mastercool Car AC Tools and Equipment – Tool Information

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© Summary: Auto specialty tool article featuring Mastercool, which is one of the leading air conditioning service tool companies in the United States and in the entire world for that matter. At DenLors Tools, we take pride in offering quality tools that any professional technician would happy to have in their arsenal. We also like the fact that Mastercool is a family owned company. Below we cover some of their products that make AC service on cars a much easier task.

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DenLors Car AC Repair Articles – Keep Your Cool

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Image courtesy of

© Summary: Repair information for automotive AC (Air Conditioning) systems. Hot AC can be a very frustrating thing to deal with, we at DenLors have answers and tools to repair car AC the right way!

Robinair AC Machine on Sale at DenLors Tools
Auto AC Repair Articles

1. Basic Car AC Gauge Set Hook-Up

2. Adding Freon to Car AC – Gauge Readings Explained

3. Car AC Not Blowing Cold Air – Charging Tips and FAQ’s

Other AC Articles

Basic Car AC Gauge Set Hook-Up

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© Summary: Tips and basic instructions from an ASE master auto technician on how to hook up AC gauges to a car’s 134A air conditioning system.

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Ratcheting Line Wrench – S.U.R.&R. Tools

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S.U.R.& R. Ratcheting Line Wrench is a Must for brake and fuel line service

© Summary: Everyone knows that has spent anytime working on cars the benefit of using ratchet wrenches. Ratcheting line wrenches are the latest automotive tool innovation that allows the speed of a ratchet wrench to be combined with a line wrench. That’s right, a ratchet wrench designed to be used on steel lines for brake lines, power steering lines, fuel lines, AC lines… you name it!

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Electronic Specialties ES180 LoadPro Voltage Drop Instruction Video

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© Summary: Information on the ES180 Electronic Specialties brand LOADPro. It makes testing for voltage drops with your multi-meter much easier than conventional methods.

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