Toyota Rav 4 Head Bolt Threads Stripped – Time-Sert Thread Kit

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©  Summary:  Time-Sert 2200 DLT featured. Head gasket failure on the Toyota Rav 4 engines may be due to pulled threads in the aluminum block. First sign of a problem is typically an overheat condition. Most expensive fix will involve replacing the block. An alternative to replacing the block is using a thread repair kit like Helicoil or preferably Time-Sert.

Overheating engines in Rav 4’s can mean a leaky head gasket. Low coolant can be caused by anything in the cooling system, it’s best to eliminate the easy fixes first though. Using a cooling system pressure tester and applying pressure to the system should quickly reveal any external leaks. Also checking to see if the engine oil milky from water intrusion is a quick check. Then we get into more advanced tests like carbon/exhaust in the cooling system and even doing a leak down test in the cylinders if necessary. If the head gasket has been determined as the problem, obviously the head gasket will need to be changed. A normal practice when the head has been removed is to check it for war-page with a machinists straight edge. Sending the cylinder head out to the machine shop may be necessary to have it checked further for cracks

and so forth. Another potential problem has to do with the threads in head bolt ports. Damaged threads in the engine block can ruin the entire job. Stripped threads prevent proper torquing of the head bolts that will cause a repeated head gasket failure. Some shops use Helicoils with success. Other shops use the thicker bushing type Time-Sert. The kit PN for first time repairs on many Toyotas including Rav4 is 2200 DLT. Time-Sert even has a kit that is over-size for repairing failed Helicoils. That PN is 2200 BS DLT. The BS stands for “Big Sert”. See the links below for more information.

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