TIME-SERT VS HELI-COIL What’s the difference?

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 The Helicoil on the left is flexible, reminds me of a child’s toy, remember the slinky?

 © DenLorsTools.com Summary: Jump to Time Sert Thread Repair Kits. Tips from an ASE Master Auto technician regarding the differences between TIME-SERT thread repair inserts and the Heli-Coil brand. DenLors Tools sells several brands of thread repair kits including both TIME-SERT and Helicoil.


Many people ask us all the time if Time-Sert is like a Helicoil. Yes and no. Heli-Coil is one of the best known names when it comes to repairing damaged threads, that’s true. It’s like people refer to “facial tissues” as KLEENEX. Kleenex is the brand, but many manufacturers produce facial tissues. Many people also call any thread repair insert a “Heli-Coil”. Heli-Coil is a single brand, but there are many manufacturers that produce inserts. With that being said, just about any mechanic will know what someone is talking about when they refer to a Helicoil. However, Time-Sert is not just any insert.

You see a Heli-Coil is a skinny wire that is wrapped in a coil shape that will accept a bolt. TIME-SERT is a much more substantial piece of solid metal which is machined precisely on the outer and inner surfaces to exact specifications. So, there’s actually a world of difference between a TIME-SERT thread repair insert and a simple coil of wire branded as Heli-Coil. Why should anyone care? Because doing car repairs are a lot of work… and doing them over again because threads pull out on the final torque is no fun at all!

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