TIME-SERT 32214 Insert Measurement – Ford 3V Spark Plug Thread Repair

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© DenLorsTools.com Summary: Jump to Time-Sert 3221 Ford 3V Spark plug repair kit. The 3221 thread repair kit which uses PN 32214 inserts is designed for replacing damaged threads in Ford 4.6 and 5.4’s that use “Ford’s Better Idea” spark plugs. This article covers, measurement of the outside diameter of the 32214 spark plug insert which comes in the Time-Sert 3221 thread repair kit.

The measurement of the outside diameter of the TIME-SERT 32214 insert as pictured above is .687″ which is equal to 11/16″. If the spark plug hole is too large, the thread insert will not have enough material to secure it. The easiest way to tell if the hole is small enough to tap and make threads for the insert is to use an 11/16″ drill bit. Just place the bit down in the damaged spark plug hole.

If the drill bit is larger than the hole and does not fit freely down into it, the TIME-SERT 3221 will work. Chances are the hole will be usable as long as no previous repair has been made. This is however, the easiest way to check before getting the kit ordered.


The image above shows the outside diameter of the spark plug which is .61″. This is just under 5/8 of an inch. 5/8″ is exactly .6250″ in decimal readings.

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