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The image above is an engine bay of of a Honda Civic.

© Summary: Tips from an ASE Master Auto technician about how to repair common thread failures in Honda automobiles. Aluminum engine components lighten the load but also have weaker threads that end up failing more often than older designs using steel. See what methods professional auto repair shops are using to repair worn threads in Honda aluminum oil pans, including the Accord, Civic and Odyssey.


The Time-Sert 1415C Aluminum Drain Plug Repair Kit worth it’s weight in gold.

The most common failure of threads in Honda vehicles like the Civic, Accord and Odyssey are from stressed aluminum drain plug threads in the oil pan. Aluminum oil pans on Honda cars are very prone to failure when the vehicle has had many oil changes or the person doing the service has repeatedly over-tightened the drain plug and has stretched the threads. Having worn threads in the oil pan for the drain plug does NOT have to mean replacing the entire oil pan. Oil pan replacement on any of these Honda vehicles can run around 4-500 dollars. The following is what professional repair shops already know; A kit that can make short work of this problem at a fraction of the cost is the Time-Sert 1415C thread repair kit.

The thread repair kit restores (actually replaces) the threads with stronger material than the original oil pan came with! Steel versus aluminum, there’s really no comparison.  The thread repair kit actually installs a bushing type insert that is designed to last the life of the car. The steel holds up better with repeated loosening and tightening and also resists stretching that is common to occur with aluminum from over-torquing. A Honda Civic typically holds 3.5 quarts of oil! The engine needs every bit of this precious commodity in order to prevent rapid wear, overheating  and ultimately engine failure. What about how to determine what size your drain plug is, jump to the following TIME-SERT Thread Repair Kit article. If you already know for sure that you need the Metric 14×1.5mm kit go directly to that listing to purchase now – TIME-SERT 1415C.

Also works on other oil pans besides Honda’s. Below is a partial application list for Honda.

1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002 Accords

03, 04 and 05 Accords

96, 97, 98, 99 and 00 Civics

01–05 Civics, ’04–05 Elements

1999–05 Odysseys

2003–05 Pilots

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