TIME-SERT Thread Repair Discount Coupon – Thru April 2011

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Time-Sert Discount coupon for use at DenLorsTools.com.

© DenLorsTools.com Summary: TIME SERT Kits on sale now at DenLors. Use the coupon code above to save $20 on a TIME-SERT Thread Repair Kit. This code expires April 30, 2011. Cannot be combined with any other special offers. Coupon must be used during purchase will not be deducted from previous sales.

Ready to purchase? Skip the reading and go to the Time-Sert products. You’ve found us! DenLors Tools is where to purchase the TIME-SERT Kit you’re looking for. We have kits available for head bolt thread repair on the Northstar Cadillac, Toyota Camry, Honda Accord and even your Harley Motorcycle. The most popular spark plug thread repair kits made by TIME-SERT are for Fords to repair blow outs and otherwise stripped or damaged threads. We also have thread repair kits made for most other makes Foreign and Domestic too. Oil pan drain plug threads for aluminum and steel pans are available in a variety of sizes for Toyota, Ford, Chrysler, Honda and other makes. Additional replacement inserts, are also available for the kits we sell. Look for related inserts and products at the end of the technical articles on this site. Also look and at the bottom of the TIME-SERT Kit and inserts description pages at DenLors (DenLorsTools.com). We have over 20, 000 automotive tools for sale in addition to TIME-SERTS at discounted prices. Keep DenLors Tools in mind for all of your car tool needs including AC Machines, shop equipment, scan tools, hand tools, air tools and shop supplies like gloves and hand-soap – bookmark us please. We are looking for repeat customers, NOT a constant flow of one time purchasers. Therefore, we work hard to earn your repeat business!

When checking out at DenLors Tools be sure to redeem twenty dollars off any TIME-SERT purchase with a cart total of $350 or more. We already offer free shipping on purchases of $199 or more and charge sales tax only in the state of Florida. TIME-SERT orders are usually delivered within 2-4 business days. If you need expedited shipping to get a thread repair kit sooner, call for a quote, or just ask in the comment section below. Be sure to include which kit you are interested in and for what make, model, year and size engine (the more information the better). Your contact info will be kept private.

Please review our TIME SERT Kit information site and look for the links over to our main website DenLorsTools.com to purchase. Thanks for visiting, DennisB. 

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