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Automotive Tools – One Key for Auto Technicians

9:52 am General Interest, How To Auto Repair, Tech/Mechanic

© Summary: The proper automotive tools are just one key component for a successful auto tech. Times have changed with vehicles becoming more complex all the time.

In the past, just about anyone with a little mechanical knowledge and a few tools could repair cars successfully. Today, raising the hood on a broken down vehicle and looking under the hood, is just about useless! It’s still expected from the “man.” Interesting enough, most people cannot even name the parts under the hood of a modern car, muchless get it running again. On the side of the road, even a knowledgeable tech would be hard-pressed to get results. Today’s automotive service technician is far more than a basic mechanic with a few tools in his tool box. What used to be required was mechanical ability and common sense. Those are still good attributes, but now it is virtually impossible to repair a car without an understanding of complex systems. These systems are linked together with more just wiring and relays. They are also linked together with modules and computers. The modern mechanic needs to be a “technician.” Virtually gone, are the days of the grease monkey starting out a small shop and learning solely by hands on experience. This by the way, is how I started working on cars! This worked back in the 1980’s for me. As cars have evolved and become more complex, I’ve found it necessary to read more and more. After-all knowledge is key. Understanding how any system works will make diagnosing and troubleshooting problems much easier. Today’s automotive technician needs to have a finger on the pulse of the modern automobile.

i.e. – A Simple Power Mirror Switch

Knowledge is one key component. The other piece to the puzzle is having the proper tools. Without access to proper diagnostic tools, understanding vehicle systems will only go so far. Something as simple as replacing a power mirror switch may require a scan tool to clear a fault code. In Lincoln Aviator’s, the power mirror switch is a common failure. The Aviator with seat and mirror memory will store a fault code if the power mirror switch fails. Replacing the faulty switch without clearing the code is not enough to restore proper operation. A scan tool that has the capability of accessing more than just drive-train “P” codes is needed. The Genisys scan tool for instance can access and clear the code. A U1950 bus communication code for that failure has to be cleared before the new power mirror switch will work. This is just one example of how having the proper tools and knowledge are both required to make even simple repairs on vehicles with complex systems.

Think about how much your auto mechanic has to know and how much he has invested in his tools, the next time you visit the repair shop!

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