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Honda Crank Pulley Tool – Removal Video Tips for DIY

10:14 am Auto Specialty Tools, DIY, Honda, How To Auto Repair, Timing Belt

Still image above – see bottom of the article for our DIY video.

©  Summary: Honda crank pulley tool info. Questions and answers in comment section. In 2005 the first car repair article written for DenLors Tools was on Honda and Acura crankshaft bolt removal. Before that, many years ago, in the early nineties prior to selling automotive tools for a living, I worked at a car repair shop as a tech in Lakeland Florida and had a timing belt job. To my surprise the Honda had a very tight crank bolt to loosen. In fact it was so difficult to loosen (without the correct tool) that I was unable to remove it to replace the timing belt. Hating to lose a gravy job and being on flat rate… I tried everything. The problem was that the whole engine turns when trying to loosen the bolt. 

I remember calling around at the time trying to locate the special holding tool needed to keep the harmonic balancer from moving so the crank pulley bolt could be turned and loosened. I called Snap On, Matco, Mac Tools, Cornwell and even the Honda dealership. I explained that I could see a hex shape in the harmonic balancer pulley, so I knew that there must be a tool that goes into the hexagon slot to hold it! I received the same answers from all of the tool trucks… 1. I don’t have any tool like that. 2. Just use a strong impact gun. 3. I may be able to special order something but it may take a couple of weeks. And the Honda dealer said “We don’t have a tool like that. Bring the car to us and we will change the timing belt for you.”

After heating up the bolt with the shop’s acetylene torches and trying the strongest impact wrench in the shop, I was forced to give up on my “gravy” maintenance timing belt job. A very, very frustrating feeling for a flat rate tech to lose a 3 hour job that can usually be completed in about half that time. It is because of that experience though, that when I started selling tools I knew how my customers feel when dealing with the dreaded Honda crank pulley bolt!

Be sure to see the related links below the video. We sell the specialty tool that’s in the video and there’s a repair article that covers Honda and Acura timing belt tips with suggestions. Below is the video as promised showing the special crank pulley holding tool in use. If there’s a baby sleeping in the next room you may want to turn the volume down a little…

Comment on YouTube (I had had to edit this one a little to make it easier to read) – Hey I’ve seen that cheap blue point impact gun before lol, yeah if that’s the impact you are subjected too, then buy the tool. Wait maybe its a mac impact. Denlors honest question couldn’t a 1000 ft lb. of ingersoll rand impact break that bolt free without the special tool?

DenLorsTools Ingersoll Rand, close when you guessed Mac (that’s who makes theirs). A 1,000 ft pound 1″ impact gun will almost surely work. How many guy’s have access to one of those in their driveway?

Comment on YouTube – Thanks for making this video and sharing how to do this. I am buying this tool after already breaking the nut loose with a chain wrench. DO NOT USE A CHAIN WRENCH. It will damage the pulley no matter what you put around the pulley. Buy this tool to get the nut off for a timing belt change. Also, make sure all marks are lined up perfectly and you put timing belt on in sequence shown in manual. I got it all back together to find I was one tooth off.

DenLorsTools Watch using a pipe chain wrench, because it can damage the pulley where the belt rides. This can result in belts wearing out prematurely.

Comment on YouTube – This works but not as powerful as without the jackstand. I used only a short extension for the ratchet because the longer the extension is the more torque is lost. Here’s how i did it. I just do a jump kick on the ratchet using my whole body weight on that kick. Just make sure you hold on to the front end of the car so that you won’t lose your balance while doing it. It works way better than this because other guys in my shop did this extension and jack stand and they failed.

DenLorsTools Thanks for the input. This was done low to simulate not having a vehicle rack. If a lift is used, a long breaker bar without extensions can be used, since clearing the car isn’t a problem. Also, if using the extensions, try using multiple short ones instead of one or two longer ones that tend to flex more. The short extension combo seems to lose less torque power as a result.

Comment on YouTube – Well, yesterday (and today, lol) were my first run ins with the all mighty honda crank bolt.. I’ve broken two extensions and two sockets so far and the thing hasn’t budged. I’m going to go get some 1/2″ extensions tomorrow. I only had 3/8″ extensions so I tried using those. NOT a good idea.

DenLorsTools Thanks for all the comments and Good Luck!

Linking: Please reference this car repair article when quoting, linking to this page is welcomed and appreciated. If you are new to linking a page. 1. Left click the link; to highlight 2. Right click, select copy 3. Right click and paste to car forums, auto repair blogs, car repair web sites etc. Thanks! Disclaimer: Automobile repair tips are designed for informational purposes only, without warranty of any kind, in no event shall the author of this site be liable for any consequential, incidental or direct damages sustained in the course of using the repair information in this article. All rights reserved by DenLors Automotive Tools. Keep us in mind for auto tool needs, shop supplies and mechanics equipment. 

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