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©  Summary: Where to find great deals for car jump boxes and which ones are most popular with car lots and boat marinas. Clore Automotive has some of the best jump starters in the industry, with different size booster boxes to fit most any auto repair shop or car mechanic’s needs. Learn the differences in their jump start units. Jump and Carry battery boosters come with one of the best warranties in the industry.

Technical Stuff – Battery Quality & Design

Jump Box

The battery is the primary component of a car battery jump box. Jump-n-Carry jump boxes made by Clore Automotive have sealed AGM (Absorption Glass Mat) batteries. This allows them to be handled easily and safely in any position. The reason is because  there’s no battery acid that can leak out causing corrosion and/or a possible fire hazard. This type of sealed battery technology was originally developed in 1985 for use in US military aircraft! Power, weight, safety, durability and most of course dependability were all major requirements that had to be met. AGM batteries have  many advantages over gel type batteries; 1. increased safety 2. increased performance and 3. longer life. The AGM sealed battery has acid which is absorbed between the plates. It is constrained by a very fine fiberglass mat. No silica gel is required because the glass mat absorbs and contains the acid while still making the acid available to the plates. This provides quick reaction time between acid and plates that results in excellent performance on demand.

What Really Houses the Battery?

The Jump-N-Carry car battery jump box is tough! This is NO cheap plastic China jump box – the reason it’s so strong is because the material the case is made of. It’s made with high impact resistant polyethylene. Most China knock-offs are just made to look like Jump-N-Carry jump boxes. A jump box that looks good but doesn’t perform well might as well be a paper weight.

Cheap Cables & Clamps on a Booster Pack?

JNC 950 Jump Box

When choosing a Jump Box, cables and clamps are important to consider. Cheap jump boxes usually are only “live” on one side of the clamp. Jump-N-Carry jump boxes have power going to both sides of the clamp (braided cable makes this happen). This way a GOOD connection is made to the car’s battery easily.

Choosing a Jump Box

  • Choose a good name brand that not only looks good but performs well. You get what you pay for… want an expensive paper weight?
  • Choose a jump box that has enough amperage (the higher rating the better). Similar to buying a battery for a car, nothing worse than insufficient cranking power.
  • Choose a jump starter that has long enough cables, long cables provide enough length to position the jump box under the hood safely away from the car battery and moving  or hot components. 
  • Jump box clamps need to be “live” on both sides. Jump-N-Carry jump boxes fit this requirement.
  • Jump boxes that have air compressors shouldhave metal pistons like the JNCAIR Carry Air to insure durability.
  • Why rely on some cheap company to re-invent the wheel? Clore Automotive has one of the longest track records producing quality jump boxes for the auto repair industry. Choose a trusted name-brand.

At DenLors Tools we work hard to inform our customers and provide great deals on automotive tools shop supplies and equipment. Most of our Jump-N-Carry jump boxes have free shipping and no sales tax charged. Just add the jump box of your choice to the cart and enter the zip code to see if free shipping applies. Also we will be happy to provide written quotes for Government purchases and offer further discounts for purchases over $1,000. In fact when ready to buy, use coupon code DLTSAVE3 for purchases between $1,000 and $1999. Use coupon code DLTSAVE4 for additional savings on purchases over $2,000.

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