Corvette HVAC Actuator Bad – No Heat Control

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2005 Corvette AC & Heat control door resembles a vertical blind.

Corvette has some amazing engineering! Who needs real doors to control airflow in the HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning) system, when you can have this material that rolls on spools. This is a masterfully designed system that lasts in most cases until the car is just out of warranty. Kidding aside, if you’re experiencing a problem with your Corvette’s air conditioning, this could be the issue. Codes can be stored and attempts at resetting or calibrating will fail. The weak point is where the material attaches to the spool, on the one pictured it was ripped clean away.

To change out the actuator, the dash needs to be removed. In the process of removing it will subsequently have to be dismantled piece by piece! Dashes on many cars can be removed or swung to allow access to the heater case, but this car is not designed like that. The steering column doesn’t have to be completely removed. Taking the steering wheel off allowed enough room to get the job done.

Corvette_Dash Out

Nothing left but the hump.

The actuator cannot be changed with the case still attached to the firewall. The cross/support bar is in the way of removing the case and will need to be removed. Even then the case will need to be tilted to clear the hump for removal. Once the case is out on the bench, the actuator can then and only then be replaced easily.

Corvette_Air Distrubution

The Vette is definitely more fun to drive than to repair.

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  1. Thomas Edmondson :

    Date: August 11, 2011 @ 1:17 pm

    Actaully what he is holding is the Mode Valve assembly.The Mode actuator can be removed without dash removal.The left drivers temp actuator can be removed without dash removal and so can the recirculation actuator.The only one that cannot be reomved without dash removal is the right passanger actuator.

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