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CalVan Tools CAL 39300 Ford 3V Spark Plug Thread Insert Kit

CalVan Tools CAL 39300 Ford 3V Spark Plug Thread Insert Kit image

Product #: CAL39300 DLT

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Brand: CalVan Tools

The Cal-Van Tools Three-Valve Ford Triton Insert Installer Kit, PN 39300 is designed to install replacement steel alloy thread inserts on Ford 3V 5.4L and 6.8L engines built before October 9, 2007 and three-valve 4.6 L engines built before November 30, 2007, found in many 2004–2008 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles. In these models, the spark plug tends to break off in the cylinder head during maintenance. Many times when removing spark plugs, the threads can be damaged. When this kit is used the cylinder heads can be serviced in the vehicle saving the vehicle owner thousands of dollars! This also eliminates a long "down time" for the vehicle. Since steel alloy has a much higher tinsel strength when compared to aluminum, the result is a much stronger set of threads that most likely will last the life of the vehicle. This spark plug thread insert kit will allow the user, by using the simple step-by-step instructions (see the video below) to repair those damaged threads or blowouts in 30 minutes or less per cylinder. For replacement inserts see the M16x1.5 393-300 product listing which is alss the same for the Snap On Blue Point FRT12 kit Snap On/Blue Point FRT-INS.  
Note; We have had several customers concerned because the spark plug seems to go too deep into the insert when they try the spark plug in the insert prior to working on the vehicle. This is because the point at which the spark plug actually "seats" is NOT in the insert, it's in the "head".   
Application Three Valve Ford

2004-2008 Ford 4.6 and 5.4 3 Valve engines that have spark plugs that are M16 x 1.5. Equivelant to the Snap On/Blue Point FRT12 and uses the same FRT1-INS insert.

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