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Product #: ZT100 Gray DLT

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A better repair kit is available now. The Thrasher Fix has been improved upon! All Jeep Grand Cherokee Interior (inside/inner) Door Handle Repair kits for 2005-2011 Jeep GC's. The old handle housing has been discontinued (Zach Thrasher no longer makes them). The video shows how to install the new inside door handle easily. The complete inner handle assembly includes the lever, return spring and pivot pin already installed and the DIY repair video for replacing the inside door handle in less than 15 minutes per door.

Below is the older kit with just the housings.

Kit contains only the handle housings like illustrated in the the image above for the Grand Cherokee.

Zach Thrasher Products' Jeep Interior Door Handle Repair Kit PN ZT100 (Gray) is the smart solution for repairing faulty interior door handle assemblies on Jeep Grand Cherokees, years 2005, 2006 and 2007. To help provide this product at the lowest possible price, this kit replaces only the housings that typically break. The original door handle levers, return springs and door panels are reused. Since the levers are re-used, it doesn't matter which trim package the vehicle has (chrome or color).

Jeep door handles in 2005-07 have a defective plastic housing that cracks and breaks.

The ZT100 product in this listing is the same as the Grey ZT101 except in the color gray. Due to fading and different color variations, paint to match for either part number may still be necessary to achieve the best results.

Jeep Dealers replace the entire door panel costing at $600 to $900 each! Since the weak, original design may fail again, this can be a ridiculously expensive proposition that is only to be repeated in a short time. This kit permanently solves the problem by replacing the brittle handle housing with a very strong composite material that has been tested and is guaranteed to last. In fact the parts come with a Lifetime Warranty! See the pdf Jeep Handle printable instructions on how to repair.

It comes with all 4 housings and fasteners needed to repair ALL FOUR DOORS!

Detailed instructions with pictures to guide most anyone with minimal mechanical ability.

Fix all doors at a fraction of the cost of ONE original equipment door panel.

This image shows the backside with the new part installed.

Included with the ZT100 DLT - levers not included

1. Driver's front interior door handle housing.

2. Driver's side rear passenger door handle housing.

3. Passenger front interior door handle housing

4. Passenger side rear interior door handle housing.

5. Push washer retainers.

6. Cotter pins.

7. Simple detailed instructions with pictures for installation.

The color for this kit is tan which can be painted to match door panels or used without matching colors.

We ship this product to Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands using Priority Mail, please provide the appropriate postal service address.

Comments from recent customers.

Concerned Grandmother - Just installed the replacement door pieces for my 2006 Jeep GC. Thanks for making a repair kit that is so affordable and easy to install. Fifty dollars a door sure beats seven hundred! Jeep should be ashamed of themselves for not providing this fix! I am a 54 year old grandmother on a tight budget. But now I know my grandkids can safely get out of the vehicle if there's an accident. Regina K.   

Parts Mgr. Car Lot - I am the parts manager for a Ford dealership in Georgia. One of our recent "trade in's" was a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It had all four broken interior handles. Before we could sell this vehicle on our used car lot we had to make it safe. Besides, who would buy it with broken handles? The kit we purchased worked flawlessly. Within an hour one of our tech's had all four housings installed. This kit looks great and works great. We would have definitely lost money selling this car with no functioning door handles. With the Zach Thrasher kit, we successfully made lemonade out of lemons! Thanks, Jeremy M. 

Out of Work Mom - I am a single mother with two small children. When I found out how much the dealer wanted to replace the right rear door handle I cried. My only hope was to have Jeep do a recall or repair it for me for free as a "good will" gesture. After hours of talking to the dealership with no help and waiting months for Jeep to do a recall... I found your product on Google. I had my boyfriend fix the door on one Saturday morning. By Saturday afternoon my kids could get out of the right rear door again. Now when I park on the street they don't have to get out, on the side with passing traffic. Now my family is safe again. Thanks so much, Laquisha B. 

ZT100, ZT101, ZT103, ZT104 have all been upgraded to include handles regular and chrome. Feel free to call us using our toll free number 800-524-9783. Beware of inferior products offered on Ebay (from time to time by part time sellers) which may crumble due to the use of the same faulty plastic that Jeep used originally. DenLors Tools was the first to supply the Thrasher Fix, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Jeep Commander replacement interior door handles and we continue to sell the best quality with the most color combinations that match better than the copies. In fact the interior handles we sell now are much stronger and reliable than the Thrasher Fix products. 

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