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Electronic Specialties ES 180 Load Pro Test Leads for Voltage Drop Testing

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Detailed Description:

Electronic Specialties ES 180 Load Pro Test Leads especially for Voltage Drop Testing. Use with your multimeter to help find high resistance circuits.

180 LOADpro Test Leads load the circuit to see if current can flow.
LOADpro finds these problems quicker: High Corrosive Resistance Shorts to Ground Open Circuits
By loading the circuit, LOADpro makes a voltage drop test “on the fly”.
Just press the switch – the test results can not lie.
Use LOADpro w/your DMM and follow our test method - you will find wiring faults quicker.
LOADpro Test Leads feature SteadyPin Probe Tips, which allows the probe to sit firmly on a male ECM or connector pin.
LOADpro are OEM approved – finds corroded circuits Fast!

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