Window Motor and Regulator Installation Tips

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Fig. 1   After the door panel is removed the motor-regulator assembly comes out easily.

© Summary: Tips on how to replace the window motor and regulator. On my 2007 Dodge Dakota the driver’s side window occasionally would not move (usually it would act up in the McDonald’s drive-thru). Other times it worked OK except for a little slower speed going up compared to the right front window.

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My Power Window is Stuck – Broken Window Problems

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Power window problems? Read on for free tips.

©  Summary: Tips on pinpointing power window problems. Broken power windows are usually caused by one of several things. The most common problem is a bad power window motor. The second most common problem is the regulator, followed by a bad power window switch. If the window regulator is broken it could be binding or the cable could be off one of the pulleys. In a few cases, the window may just be STUCK. This happens sometimes in rear windows that get little use. The weather stripping that the window slides in (AKA called a window run) can sometimes prevent the window from moving.

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Sebring Quarter Window Regulator – How To Repair

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2003 Sebring Convertible rear quarter window regulator failed.

© Summary:Chrysler Sebring convertibles have a common problem of rear quarter power window regulators failing. The window will typically stop 1/2 or 3/4’s of the way up at the worst possible moment  – i.e. when the the convertible top and windows are going up due to a torrential downpour! Kidding aside the rear windows on these cars do have a lot of problems. Sebring quarter windows may not fail as often as the New Beetle windows we blogged about previously. But like the Beetle, the Sebring has a particular weak point in the quarter window regulator, they were either designed horribly… or were designed to last until out of warranty, I’m not sure which. As the picture shows above, the pulley has grooves that keeps the cable separated.

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Jeep Liberty Power Window Problems – DIY Tips

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Jeep Liberty rear door panel.

A Jeep Liberty window is falling down into a door at the alarming rate of one every minute! Kidding aside the Jeep Liberty does seem to have problems with a weak design for the window regulator. Typically the motor can be heard and the window can be raised by hand and temporarily taped in the up position until a replacement part can be purchased. The good news is that it is a really simple job even for a do it yourself-er (DIY), see the tips below.

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New Beetle Quarter Window Repair – Auto Tools

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VW New Beetle rear quarter window regulator kits are available.

In this how to auto blog, we mention the auto tools needed to complete rear quarter window regulator repair on the VW New Beetle. Fair warning though, this job may be too involved for the average DIY (Do It Yourself-er). Labor time in the Mitchell labor guide calls for 2.4 hours each side ( the first time it will probably take longer) for changing the rear quarter window assembly, no extra combination time is listed for installing the repair kit. Getting this job done at the dealer could cost from six to eight hundred dollars, or around two to three hundred for the repair kit installed. Even if you don’t do this job yourself, at least now you know your options.
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