Oil Leak 2.4 Dodge Caravan – Excessive Crankshaft End Play

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© DenLorsTools.com  Summary: Auto repair article about excessive crankshaft end-play on a 2007 Dodge Caravan with a 2.4 DOHC (Double Over Head Cam) 4cyl. engine. This type motor was most commonly used by Chrysler in Dodge Neons and more recently in PT Cruisers. Case study is on the cause of a rapid oil leak from the front crank seal, which ended up being from excessive crankshaft end play movement/float damaging the seal. Causes of thrust bearing damage discussed and suggestions on how to prevent this particular problem by using the correct tools. The old saying “Always use the the right tool for the job” proves to be right once again!

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Checking for Bent Valves – Broken Timing Belt

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© DenLorsTools.com Summary: This article is on how to check for bent valves. Valves get bent most often on vehicles that have had a timing belt break or a timing chain jump a sprocket. Interference engines can allow the valves to crash into the pistons when the timing belt breaks due to the engine’s timing being out of synchronization. Some cars are more prone to having valve damage when the timing is off. We cover some of the more common manufacturers that seem to suffer from bent valves more than others, from timing belt failure. We have some tips on how to check for bent valves with the cylinder head still on the vehicle. Tools that help in determining if there’s bent valves listed also.

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Common Ford Problems and Specialty Tools

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Ford has had a long history of coming up with unique ideas – Edsel case in point.

Summary: In this auto repair blog we cover some of the most common Ford mechanical issues in late model Ford vehicles. Learn how a minor tune up could lead to a several thousand dollar repair. Some of the most notable problems are with spark plugs ejecting (and breaking) – EGR systems, transmission failures and keys getting stuck in the ignition. Along with common problems, auto mechanics need specialty tools in some cases to make repairs; we cover those too.

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Lisle Automotive Specialty Tool Corporation

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This reel lawn mower was the type Lisle produced once upon a time

Lisle Auto Tools manufacturing company was started in Clarinda, Iowa in 1903 by C.A. Lisle. The first tool his company manufactured surprisingly wasn’t an automotive tool at all, it was water well drilling equipment powered by a horse! Subsequent products were not automotive related either, remember old ringer washers? And how about the old style manual push mower? Some twenty years after the Lisle Corporation was first started, the tool company made its first automotive product.

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Ford Spark Plug Blow Outs – Oversize Inserts and FAQ’s

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Calvan 11/16″ drill bit used with air ratchet and 1/2″ socket.

DenLors tools has sold hundreds of the Calvan spark plug repair kits and has had no reported failures. We’ve answered many questions about Ford spark plug thread repairs over the last couple of years and have included them in various places on our site. Now in this auto repair blog ALL of the frequently asked questions to date are posted here in one central location, if you don’t see your question answered, feel free to use the comment form and ask. Included here are questions about repairing spark plug holes after Lisle, Napa, Auto Zone, or other brands may be thicker than the Heli-Coil, but still have managed to fail and allow the spark plug to blow out AGAIN. We are not out to discredit any other spark plug insert company, we just know from our customer feedback what works and what just works for awhile. The questions below answer questions from real customers with this serious problem. We recommend the Calvan Ford spark plug insert repair kit as the best solution for Ford 1998-2004 4.6, 5.4. 6.8 SOHC (2 valve) engines, the following will help show why.

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OTC Smoke Machine OTC 6521 – Halloween Tool Sale

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OTC 6521 Smoke Machine – Auto Specialty Tool

OK, so this smoke machine is an automotive specialty tool for Evaporative leak testing and not the type of smoke machine your kids will be wanting for Halloween. But, we have a great deal on the OTC 6521 smoke machine and decided to add it to our first annual Halloween, automotive tool sale. It’s on sale with free shipping and no sales tax charged outside the state of Florida (see current listing).

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Halloween Tool Special – Equus Innova 3140 Scan Tool

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Equus 3140 Limited Time Halloween Tool Special – 10/31/2008 

For our Halloween Special, the Equus Innova 3140 Pro Scan Tool is on sale until midnight October 31, 2008 for $219.95 with free shipping within the continental US. The Equus Automotive scan tool (3140) has OBD I, OBD II and CAN (Controlled Area Network) capability.

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KD Tools Has New Stuff – Automotive Hand Tools

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KD 41540 – What’s in your tool box?

You may already know from reading our auto tool blog that DenLors Automotive tools sells a lot of Jump-n-Carry Jump boxes, OTC scanners, OTC tire pressure monitors, OTC auto specialty tools and Visual Optics video inspection scopes (and much more). But did you know that KD tools has introduced many so many neat automotive hand tools recently that we have had to make special provisions to keep up with the demand? This automotive tool blog is on five of KD Tools latest and greatest auto specialty tools at prices that won’t break the bank.

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Northstar Waterpump Replacement – Mechanics Tools

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Northstar water pump replacement, not so bad with correct mechanics tool

© DenLorsTools.com Summary: This automotive tool blog features a specialty auto mechanics tool for changing the Northstar water pump. The Cadillac Northstar water pump is located at the rear of the engine. As the picture shows, there is a belt cover over the water pump drive belt at the rear of the front valve cover.

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