Ford Mustang Paint Bubbled – Aluminum Panel Corrosion TSB

Ford Problems 10 Comments Summary: This article was written originally for another website that has since been discontinued. Paint bubbling on Ford Mustang’s is a common issue. At first glance the bubbled or blistered area looks like rust bubbling the paint, but wait this hood is aluminum!

Aluminum cannot rust, but it can corrode. Corrosion under the factory paint causing paint to bubble is a very common issue. There’s even a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) about this. The Ford Mustang is not the only vehicle affected either. The TSB includes Ford Explorer, Taurus, Expedition, Lincoln Navigator, Mercury Sable and more. Outside the 3 year 36,000 mile warranty, Ford owners are left to pay for this repair themselves. It does make Ford owner’s question their loyalty to Ford on their next new car purchase though. Read the rest…

Time Sert 5553 Contents – Parts Breakdown of Kit

Ford Problems, TIME-SERT Kits No Comments Summary: TIME-SERT 5553 spark plug thread repair kit video used primarily on Ford Triton engines from around 98-2004 with 14×1.25mm threads. We have free next day shipping on this and many other Time-Sert thread repair kits. The video linked above shows the parts breakdown of the 5553 kit.

The TIME-SERT 5553 spark plug thread repair kit is a Big Sert kit which is over sized (larger than standard kits). It is used primarily on the Ford 4.6, 5.4 and 6.8 Triton engines. Those engines have had a common issue with spark plugs blowing out. The kit can also be used on some other applications using taper seat spark plugs with M14 x1.25mm. The 5553 kit uses a 51549 part number which is larger on the outside diameter than many other competitive brands. Fully threaded inserts are also available, see the TIME-SERT 5553 thread repair kit, product listing at DenLors Tools for more information or call us at 800-524-9783.


TIME-SERT 32214 Insert Measurement – Ford 3V Spark Plug Thread Repair

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© Summary: Jump to Time-Sert 3221 Ford 3V Spark plug repair kit. The 3221 thread repair kit which uses PN 32214 inserts is designed for replacing damaged threads in Ford 4.6 and 5.4’s that use “Ford’s Better Idea” spark plugs. This article covers, measurement of the outside diameter of the 32214 spark plug insert which comes in the Time-Sert 3221 thread repair kit.

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OTC 6764 IPR Injector Pressure Regulator Controller

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© Summary: Specialty tools for diesels are not as easy to find as tools for cars. OTC is changing that. A recent tool introduction that will assist in checking hard starts in Ford 6.0 diesels is now available.

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Ford F-150 Spark Plug Defect – Class Action Law Suit

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© Summary: At this time at least one law firm is investigating a spark plug problem with certain Ford vehicles (4.6 and 5.4 3v engines) after widespread reports by owners regarding costly repairs. For several years now, DenLors Tools has been helping to inform and supply Ford owners with the tools and information needed to remove broken spark plugs in these motors. Our goal is to help our customers get their vehicles back on the road quickly and as inexpensively as possible. Some that may have found our repair articles on this subject (Ford Spark Plug Problems) too late may have fell victim to a much larger repair bill. Recently, we’ve learned of a possible class action lawsuit which may help recoup some of their losses.

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Ford Cruise Control Inoperative – Easy Self Test

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 Ford cruise control systems are easy to check on certain models with a cool self test!

© Summary: This auto repair article covers checking Ford cruise control systems that have a unique self test. Certain models have a test built into the computer system which can help to pinpoint the cause of a malfunctioning speed control system. Entering the test mode is easy for anyone once you know the procedure. No scan tool is required for this pinpoint test! Read the rest…

Ford Spark Plug Blow Out Problems How to Repair

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Summary: Ford spark plug blowout repair is covered in this article for 4.6, 5.4 & 6.8 liter engines. There are different brand insert repairs available for this Ford spark plug problem, however they are not all as effective and long lasting as the solution we recommend. Many Ford dealers want to charge thousands to replace the cylinder heads, when our repair can be done in the vehicle for a fraction of the cost. We sell some competitive brands like Lisle and Helicoil, however the Horizon made Calvan 38900 (Mount.9200 same w/different labeling) is the best repair system on the market today. We’ve sold hundreds of these, saving Ford owners a ton of money in the process. In the following article we’ll explain why this should be the next and last repair purchased for this particular repair.

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Champion 7989 One Piece Design Spark Plug – Ford 3V

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Champion 7989 spark plugs are a one piece design that eliminates separating (image courtesy of

Summary: In this auto repair blog post, we provide information about an improved design spark plug for Ford 3 valve engines. The original equipment Ford Motorcraft spark plugs have became notorious for breaking when being removed.  One of our previous articles is on broken spark plug removal; but who wants to put the same bad design back in?  There was a huge need for a newly designed replacement spark plug that would work in place of Ford’s badly designed spark plug that has caused much expense and inconvenience for many Ford owners. This article is about that plug and has application information as well.

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Common Ford Problems and Specialty Tools

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Ford has had a long history of coming up with unique ideas – Edsel case in point.

Summary: In this auto repair blog we cover some of the most common Ford mechanical issues in late model Ford vehicles. Learn how a minor tune up could lead to a several thousand dollar repair. Some of the most notable problems are with spark plugs ejecting (and breaking) – EGR systems, transmission failures and keys getting stuck in the ignition. Along with common problems, auto mechanics need specialty tools in some cases to make repairs; we cover those too.

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Ford Windstar Lean Code – P0171 or P0174

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Summary: This auto repair blog post provides a quick easy way to check for a vacuum leak that can cause lean codes on Ford Windstars.

Ford seems to have more than it’s reasonable share of lean codes, the Ford Windstar is no exception. If all the usual suspects have been investigated and no leaks were found, there’s another possible cause of a lean code when diagnosing a Ford Windstar. At one time I had so many of these vehicles to work on… I kept a parts list! In my notebook, I kept a list of part numbers that made writing up an estimate for repairs much easier. Later, when I used the computer at work more I converted my notes over to a “Word Document” file that allowed me to copy paste. When you work Flat Rate, you learn to save time when you can!  Back to the subject at hand. In this auto repair article we briefly cover a common cause of lean codes on the Ford Windstar.

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