Miller 8387 and 8516A Tool Comparison – 3.7 and 4.7 Dodge & Jeep

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Miller 8516A and 8387 004 Summary:  Automotive repair blog and video comparing two Miller specialty tools. We have had a lot of questions regarding the Miller 8387 Valve Spring Compressor and the 8516A Rocker Arm Remover/Installation Tools. Both look similar and are for use on Dodge and Jeep 3.7 and 4.7 liter engines. These motors are commonly used in Jeep Liberty, Dodge Durango, Dodge Dakota, Jeep Grand Cherokee etc. *Note – The 8516 has been updated and the newest number has an “A” on the end now making it 8516A. Each tool is for a different job. The valve spring tool allows access at the valve keeper so a magnet can be used to remove it. The 8516A does not have the opening to allow access to the valve keeper.

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Window Motor and Regulator Installation Tips

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Fig. 1   After the door panel is removed the motor-regulator assembly comes out easily.

© Summary: Tips on how to replace the window motor and regulator. On my 2007 Dodge Dakota the driver’s side window occasionally would not move (usually it would act up in the McDonald’s drive-thru). Other times it worked OK except for a little slower speed going up compared to the right front window.

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Dodge Dakota – Cant Shift – Won’t Come Out of Park

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Dodge Dakota 2002

© Summary: The 2002 Dodge Dakota above body style was produced from 1997 to 2004 (second generation). The particular subject this car repair blog is covering today, deals with the problem of the shifter not coming out of park. There are several reasons why the gear selector could be stuck in park. We’ll run down the list.

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