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Infiniti G37 Navigation Update

DIY No Comments

Infiniti NAV Summary: I recently did the NAV update on my wife’s 2013 Infiniti G37 Coupe. The update came with 5 DVD’s and the update process is done by following the directions and putting the DVD’s in the CD player one by one. 

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Car Won’t Shift Out of Park – Common Causes

DIY, How To Auto Repair No Comments


©  Summary: Various causes of car or trucks not shifting out of park. No matter which manufacturer Ford, Chevrolet, Chrysler etc, some causes of this problem may be the same. The shifter itself, the shift cable that goes from the shift selector to the transmission, the brake light switch, the shift inter-lock are some of the potential problems. This article is not about transmission failure or the fluid being too low for the car to move.

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Fluid Evacuators Oil Extractor Pumps – Automotive and Boat Service

Brake Bleeding, DIY, Oil Change No Comments



© Summary: Suggestions on the many uses of fluid evacuators, products also available for sale. Fluid evacuators are a huge time saver and such a convenient tool when it comes to pulling fluid out of a car. DenLors Tools has a variety of fluid evacuators/suction pumps for sale at great prices. The selection offered makes it easy to find the right one.

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Brownline Digital Torque Wrench – Tool Video

car tools, DIY, What's New? No Comments


© Summary: New product announcement. DenLors Tools is now stocking the new Brownline digital torque wrench. Product video explains how the Brownline torque wrench differs from the competition. Also included is a brief history of how Brownline was first started.

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Overrunning Alternator Decoupler – Clutch Type Alternator

Consumer, DIY, How To Auto Repair 2 Comments


OAD stands for Overrunning Alternator Decoupler – Image Courtesy of the Gates Corp.

© Summary: DenLors auto repair blog written by an ASE master tech. Helping to make sense of the clutch type alternator pulleys used on many cars today. Knowing how decoupler pulleys are designed and how they’re suppose to work is the first step in properly diagnosing problems. Many alternators are replaced needlessly due incorrectly diagnosed problems related to this type of pulley.

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Dodge Caliber, Caravan Alternator Noise – Cheaper Fix…

Alternator, DIY, Dodge Caravan, Drivetrain and Noises 57 Comments


© Summary: DenLors car Auto repair article covering a common problem with Dodge Caliber and Caravan alternators causing a loud noise – may sound similar to a diesel engine. A video with sound is in this article demonstrating the noise that could be heard. Premature alternator failure or de-coupler clutch pulley gone bad? Read on to learn about the possibility of a less expensive solution when the knocking noise is coming from the alternator area.

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EVAP System Vent Problems – Gas Won’t Go Into Tank

Check Engine Light, DIY, EVAP, How To Auto Repair 38 Comments

The black specs in the picture are charcoal pellets that came from the charcoal canister.

© Summary: DenLors auto repair blog covering a common EVAP (Evaporative Emission Control) system problem. EVAP charcoal canisters can contaminate the system causing flow and vent issues. Sometimes problems with venting can make it almost impossible to fill up at the gas pump. A very frustrating ordeal at the pump is to have the pump shut-off while putting gas in BEFORE the tank is full. Some vehicles even have the fuel splash back out due to improper vent tube operation. This car repair article points out several things to look for when charcoal from an EVAP canister has broken loose and has entered the EVAP lines causing a blockage.

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Replacing a Car Engine – How to Replace a Motor

DIY, Engine Replacement, How To Auto Repair, Mechanics Tools No Comments

© Summary: Advice on changing an engine by a master tech. Changing a motor in a car is a lot of work. With some basic planning and research prior to starting the job, an engine change out will go a lot smoother. Read the rest…

Accelerator Pedal Position (APP) Sensor – Fly by Wire

Check Engine Light, Chevrolet, DIY No Comments

The engine may intermittently jump, setting a DTC P2138 fault code.

© Summary: In older cars accelerator pedals were linked to the carburetor by cable, my how times are changing! Now, many automobiles have the “fly by wire” set up. Instead of  cable from the gas pedal, most new cars use computers and various components to make the car GO. This DenLors car repair article covers common fault codes like the P2138 which have to do with the electronic gas pedal used in many cars today. Read on to find out how the auto industry has mimicked the aircraft industry…

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Car Heater Blows Cold – Auto Service Tips Part 2

Consumer, DIY, How To Auto Repair 77 Comments

The standard heater core above is copper – some cores are aluminum .

© Summary: This is part two of our exclusive car repair blog helping to troubleshoot car heater problems when they blow cold. The original article has been very popular in the colder months of the year. This repair article picks up where the first article leaves off. If you have not read the first part of the Car Heater Blows Cold article, I recommend reading it first.

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