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How to Find Noise’s in Cars – Time Saving Tools

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Mechanics Stethoscope Use Summary:  Car repair and tool blog featuring specialty tools used to find noises in cars with less, or no, tear down. Low tech methods are also discussed like using a piece of heater hose or a long screwdriver held to the ear. Electronic devices improve on these methods quite a bit and also allow checking for noises while driving down the road. See our video talking about different noise detection methods to find unwanted noises like thumps, pops, creaks and rattles. The electronic tools we sell are used to help diagnose these problems easily. Read the rest…

Miller 8387 and 8516A Tool Comparison – 3.7 and 4.7 Dodge & Jeep

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Miller 8516A and 8387 004 Summary:  Automotive repair blog and video comparing two Miller specialty tools. We have had a lot of questions regarding the Miller 8387 Valve Spring Compressor and the 8516A Rocker Arm Remover/Installation Tools. Both look similar and are for use on Dodge and Jeep 3.7 and 4.7 liter engines. These motors are commonly used in Jeep Liberty, Dodge Durango, Dodge Dakota, Jeep Grand Cherokee etc. *Note – The 8516 has been updated and the newest number has an “A” on the end now making it 8516A. Each tool is for a different job. The valve spring tool allows access at the valve keeper so a magnet can be used to remove it. The 8516A does not have the opening to allow access to the valve keeper.

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Time Sert Head Bolt Thread Repair for Toyota Camry, Rav 4, Scion

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Time Sert Kit Instruction Summary: Finally a very good video showing the Time Sert 2200 universal head bolt thread repair kit being used to repair Toyota head bolt threads. We’ve sold hundreds of Time Sert 2200 thread repair kits (with free next day shipping) but have not seen a video showing how it’s used as good as the one shown in this article. Just watched Jerry’s Broken Tap video, which is an excellent instructional video. Here’s more details and the video below.

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Remove Broken EZ Outs and More – Rescue Bit

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Rescue_Bit at DenLors Summary: When working on cars one of the most difficult problems I can remember is dealing with broken bolts, taps or easy outs. Broken bolts can be anywhere on the car. It can be broken manifold bolts, head bolts, transmission bolts, accessory… really anywhere. The problem is the same no matter where the bolt is. Removing the broken bolt without damaging the threads if possible and moving on to complete the job. Read on to see a tool that might just get you out of a jamb.

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Harley Davidson Stripped Drain Plug Hole – Best Fix

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Oil Pan Thread Summary: There are several options for repairing stripped holes for oil and transmission drain plugs on motorcycles – only one is the best fix. Regardless of whether it’s a Harley or any other type of motorcycle, these repair tips will help. See our oil pan/housing thread repair kits or read on for the advantages and disadvantages of the different ideas for repairs in this article. As you’ll learn I am biased towards a certain repair solution, but with good reason. Read the rest…

Check a Car Overheat Problem, Tips & Tools

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Car Over Heat Tips Summary: Tips on how to check an overheated car and we cover some tools that help if first the problem isn’t revealed. A car motor overheating can cause engine damage pretty quickly. Here we cover the basics on quickly checking for the cause of an overheat. Some tools make the job easier, but many things can be checked without any special tools if you know what to look for.

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Tire Issues – Rough Ride with Supposedly Good Tires

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Honda 2001 HR-V Summary: A recent comment and question from a reader (in the UK) about a vibration with a 2001 Honda SUV (similar to the CRV in the states).  Our tool and auto repair blog answers many questions encompassing many facets of car repair service. Sometimes it’s from professional automotive repair technicians that need the correct specialty tool and other times it’s from a car owner just trying to get his ride right. Here’s the lead up to this car owner’s question:

Reader’s Comment and Question

Hi, I have a 2001 Honda HR-V, 4×4, 5 speed manual, 76K, just had it Serviced at Honda Main dealer and now have a vibration which is making for a very rough ride felt through the general drive of the car.

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Time Sert 5553 Contents – Parts Breakdown of Kit

Ford Problems, TIME-SERT Kits No Comments Summary: TIME-SERT 5553 spark plug thread repair kit video used primarily on Ford Triton engines from around 98-2004 with 14×1.25mm threads. We have free next day shipping on this and many other Time-Sert thread repair kits. The video linked above shows the parts breakdown of the 5553 kit.

The TIME-SERT 5553 spark plug thread repair kit is a Big Sert kit which is over sized (larger than standard kits). It is used primarily on the Ford 4.6, 5.4 and 6.8 Triton engines. Those engines have had a common issue with spark plugs blowing out. The kit can also be used on some other applications using taper seat spark plugs with M14 x1.25mm. The 5553 kit uses a 51549 part number which is larger on the outside diameter than many other competitive brands. Fully threaded inserts are also available, see the TIME-SERT 5553 thread repair kit, product listing at DenLors Tools for more information or call us at 800-524-9783.


Time Sert 4412E Spark Plug Thread Repair Kit Question

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Copyright Summary: Here’s a recent application question that came from one of our YouTube videos concerning a spark plug thread repair on a 1998  Dodge Stratus with a 2.4 DOHC. The question is regarding which Time Sert Kit can be used to repair the threads.

Question from Leo H.
Question – My sons car, 1998 Dodge Stratus 2.4 blew a spark plug and the threads stripped. The thread size in the head is 14×1.25. Im guessing I need time sert kit #4412e because it is deep. Could you please let me know if that is the kit I will need.The thread depth on the spark plug is 3/4in. If I could get a cost for the kit, insert and oil for installation. Thank you..

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Time Sert 2200 Contents – Parts Breakdown of Kit

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Copyright Summary: This article has a short video showing exactly what’s in the kit. We show our customer’s what comes in the Time Sert 2200 kit, before ordering. We also give a brief description of what each piece does in this article. The Time Sert 2200 comes with free next day shipping from DenLors Tools. See the YouTube video above for a better look at the contents or view the Time Sert 2200 thread repair kit for sale on our site right now.

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