Motor Vehicle Aircon Regas Questions and Answers FAQ’s

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Car Refrigerant Regassing Summary: Motor vehicle air conditioning questions answered from all over the world by a master air conditioning technician in Florida. Simple to understand terms are used to resolve issues and to help the reader understand problems with their car’s Air con system (A/C system). Low gas (refrigerant) is the most common problem a car’s aircon system could have, but it’s not always the issue. One shouldn’dt assume that the solution is always to top-up (top off) a system. A re-gas that adds too much R134A only causes more problems. Many garages will do a free pressure check. However, simply checking the pressure readings is not a foolproof test of the air conditioning system’s health. But, a knowledgeable motor vehicle technician can make a good evaluation of the A/C’s performance based on the readings and a visual inspection of the components. After evaluation, a regas (recharge) may be done or a more accurate fill of refrigerant can be performed by removing the remaining refrigerant, vacuuming the system down and recharging with the vehicle’s specified amount of gas.

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Freon Won’t go in Car When Charging

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Freon not going in Summary: Questions answered by a master tech, regarding a car’s AC system when the Freon just won’t leave the can. When the vehicle’s air conditioning system doesn’t accept a charge of refrigerant there can be many issues, or the problem could be solved easily. Understanding how the system works in easy to understand terms is the best place to start. This and other helpful A/C articles when it’s hot outside and it’s time to get the car’s air con working again.

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What Happens if a Catalytic Converter is Removed?

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Catalytic Summary: One of our recent questions was regarding a performance issue and lean codes on a Ford F150. The fact that the catalytic converters were removed was skated over as a non issue. There are several things to consider before going the the extreme of removing a catalytic converter. Legal issues, running or performance issues etc. See the following for more information on what can happen and why the catalytic converter or converters should not be removed.

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Why Special Tools are Required for Time Sert Inserts – Joe Frugal

TIME-SERT Kits No Comments Summary: Special tooling is required to properly install Time Sert inserts. I know sounds like it’s either a no brainer… or a sales pitch to make customers buy expensive thread repair kits. Well apparently it’s hard for some to understand that proper tools for the installation of Time Sert inserts are necessary. That’s the reason for this quick auto tool blog.

Maybe it’s the economy. But lately we have been inundated with customers that are really trying to save money. Hey there’s nothing wrong with being frugal or as I like to say “being conservative”. However this is a line that can be crossed. The problem with trying to skimp on tools and just trying to get the job done as cheaply as possible is that “sometimes the job is not a success“. A failed repair ends up costing more in the long run. It’s takes more time, it may damage components beyond repair, there’s more down time, the repair may not last or it may not work at all.

Some customers want to purchase just the insert. Read on to hear how some of the conversations go.

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Shop Fans, A Must for Hot Repair Shops and Busy Garages

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shop Summary: 
With almost 30 years experience as a master technician, I have worked in some extreme conditions inside un-airconditioned shops in the Florida heat. A shop fan or blower is a must if the shop isn’t air conditioned, usually several are needed.

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What’s the Best Refrigerant Leak Detector? No false alarms.

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Propane Leak Summary: So what’s the best refrigerant leak detector to use when looking for leaks on car air conditioning systems? I’ll answer that but first a little quick history. I originally used a propane leak detector when I started working on air conditioning on cars back at Goodyear in the 1980′s. The old propane leak detectors were very dependable. No false alarms. Read the rest…

Windshield Fogged Up – Auto Repair Tips

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Foggy car windshields are a real safety issue. Foggy windows make it hard to see out and therefore dangerous to drive. Particularly when it’s raining and the car windows have to be rolled up this can be a huge problem. The problem can be even worse if the haze on the windows has a filmy consistency preventing the view to be clear even after wiping the windows off. If there is a filmy residue it could be a sign that the heater core is leaking.

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Adding 134A to Car’s A/C – Topping Off a System

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Charging up a car’s A/C system by adding 134A will make it blow cold, won’t it? ”Sometimes” is the correct answer. With some luck this might be just the ticket. But without knowing the gauge readings, topping off a system is just a guess. One of the most common causes of a car’s A/C not cooling is low refrigerant so there is actually a good chance that adding refrigerant is needed.

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Ford Mustang Paint Bubbled – Aluminum Panel Corrosion TSB

Ford Problems 6 Comments Summary: This article was written originally for another website that has since been discontinued. Paint bubbling on Ford Mustang’s is a common issue. At first glance the bubbled or blistered area looks like rust bubbling the paint, but wait this hood is aluminum!

Aluminum cannot rust, but it can corrode. Corrosion under the factory paint causing paint to bubble is a very common issue. There’s even a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) about this. The Ford Mustang is not the only vehicle affected either. The TSB includes Ford Explorer, Taurus, Expedition, Lincoln Navigator, Mercury Sable and more. Outside the 3 year 36,000 mile warranty, Ford owners are left to pay for this repair themselves. It does make Ford owner’s question their loyalty to Ford on their next new car purchase though. Read the rest…

Sorry Pep Boys – Riverview FL Location Review

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Riverview FL PepboysThis is article is about a recent visit to Pep Boys service center in Riverview Florida. I would love to write a complimentary article, but as you read, you’ll see my horrible visit will not allow me to. Sorry Pep Boys. First full disclosure. I haven’t always been an ASE Master Tech that sells automotive tools. I worked for Pep Boys years ago as an auto technician.  I actually started in Lakeland FL as a tech in 1990. I moved into management and was a shop foreman and then moved up to assistant service manager. I made my rounds going from Lakeland to Florida Avenue in Tampa, to Carrollwood Tampa, to Brandon Florida and then back around again. Pep Boys upper management always liked to shake things up by switching the management around. I learned a lot, however grew tired of the management style. I was next in line for the service manager’s position and had second thoughts. I like to provide excellent customer service and felt as though I was unable to in the caous that was Pep Boys. I ended up stepping down and working as a Senior Tech again, before finally moving on to Carmax in Tampa Florida in 1997. Read on to learn about the horrible experience I had at Pep Boys as a customer. Read the rest…

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