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Kent Moore J-42385-507 Inserts in STOCK!

2:07 pm Kent Moore

Kent Moore J-42385-507DennisB © Summary: Kent Moore inserts always available with us. We have the Kent Moore J-42385-507 head bolt inserts in STOCK. They are frequently on backorder with GM but we keep plenty in stock. See the following link J-42385-507 or order by phone at 800-524-9783. The inserts are commonly used on GM Northstar and some other applications when an M11x1.5 Kent Moore thread repair kits is used.

The inserts are held in by the bottom being expanded when the install driver is used. This creates a solid repair and is GM’s only authorized thread repair. GM does not recommend stud type repairs in place of the TTY (Torque to Yield) bolts. Ten inserts are used per side so if doing an entire block be sure to order 20. Some GM dealers prefer to order these in bulk at an even greater savings. See our bulk pricing on the Kent Moore J-42385-507 100-Pack.

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