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How to replace a floor jack’s U-Joint pn 248731

2:24 pm Uncategorized

DennisB © Summary: Quick instructions on how to install the 248731 u-joint in many floor jacks. Also see the installation video below. The 248731 universal joint is used on many different brand floor jacks. It transfers the twisting action form the floor jack handle to release hydraulic pressure or seal the pressure so the jack can be jacked up. The universal joint is necessary to allow the pivoting of the floor jack handle. The u-joint on these jacks last a long time but they are a common wear item that can cause binding or they can many times simply break leaving the jack not usable.

The 248731 universal joint is used on many popular floor jacks.  Application is for the following 2 ton up to 3 ton capacity floor jacks. * Snap On – YA642 * Snap On YA700 – YA700B * Mac Tools JS642USA * Lincoln- 93642 – 2 ton floor jack * Lincoln- 93652 – 3 ton floor jack * Hein Werner – 93642 * Hein Werner – 93652 * Napa 91-642 * Marquette and more! The 248731 supersedes the following part numbers – 228356, 228349, 227874, 890-022-666 and YA700B3. We also have the measurements of the u-joint in case you’re still unsure if it will work on your particular jack.

U-Joint Replacement 1

1. After handle is removed, the step is to remove the rear wheels. This will allow access to the side nuts.

U-Joint Replacement 2

2. Both rear pivoting wheels will need to be removed not just one side.

3. Loosen the nuts where the jack pivots. Don’t remove all the way.

4. Loosen the 3/4″ bolts behind where the wheels go. Remove completely.

5. Remove the yoke that has now been loosened. A pry bay may be needed to partially separate sides allowing the yoke to slip out.

6. The floor jack’s U-joint can now be removed and replaced with the 248731.

*If you’re swivel casters are worn now’s a good time to replace them with the 231583 replacement wheels.

U-Joint Replacement 6

U-Joint Replacement 5

U-Joint Replacement 4

U-Joint Replacement 3
Removing 248731

2 Responses
  1. dennisb - Auto Tool Sales :

    Date: July 19, 2016 @ 2:43 pm

  2. Robbie :

    Date: August 9, 2017 @ 4:46 am

    Great video, really well explained. I always feel that a video, explaining the issues is always the best way forward. Sometimes you can get lost in terminology if it is written in an article, so thanks for explaining this.

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