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Ford 2001 F250 RF1L2e Spark Plug Thread Repair

9:42 am Calvan Tools, Ford Problems, TIME-SERT Kits

F250 Sparkplug blowout problem
DennisB © Summary: Here’s a common question we get when it comes to Ford spark plug blowouts and which kit to use on 2001 and up Ford RF-1L2E Romeo style heads. Because of the extra step material the spark plug may sit up a little higher if a counterbore is not used. Then there’s the issue with parts store kit like the Helocoil Save-A-Thread kit that commonly fail making the hole bigger, which requires an oversize repair kit. We deal with this all the time. The heads can be saved in most cases if done properly with a good quality kit like the ones we sell.

Question – Have a 2001 5.4 F250 with 2L1E Head. Already have one Helicoil Save a Thread insert Would like to buy the right kit for replacing Helicoil (if it fails ) or do the other cylinders Please recommend correct kit complete.

Answer – On 2001 and up RF1L2E Romeo style heads, cost aside, the Time Sert brand is the first choice for the RF1L2E heads because there’s a counterbore that is included that allows the spark plug to be positioned down a little further. The second choice is the 38900. See the demonstration video of me using the 38900 on a Romeo style head – it’s the first video in the 38900 product listing. We’ve had customers use the 38900 on the Romeo RF1L2E heads with no reported problems. The spark plug will be positioned a little higher than original. The advantage of the 38900 is cost savings and the kit can be used on second time repairs when a Save-A-Thread fails and also on a first time repair.

The Time Sert 5553 works on holes up to .66″ which is what the Save A Thread measures. So Ideally since the hole will be a little bigger than .66 when the Save-A-Thread fails, the Time Sert 5600 would be used to ensure there’s enough material to work with to make good solid threads. Normally you don’t take away anymore material than needed, so you wouldn’t use the 5600 on first time repairs although it can be done. The 5553 would be best for the 1st time repairs. There is an add on kit that is available for installing the triple oversize inserts like supplied in the 5600 kit. It’s the 5588 and you need some of the tooling out of the 5553 to use along with the 5588 add on kit. Note: there is an add on kit available for the 5600 that allows the installation of just the smaller of the two inserts, it’s part number 5678. It requires use of some of the tooling from the 5600 kit though.

So in conclusion, the 38900 will work at a lower cost although the spark plug will sit a little higher. There’s been no problems reported but we want our customers to understand the options. Since Time Sert has counterbores, the 5553 along with the add-on kit pn 5588 is preferred, although more costly when compared to Calvan’s 38900. In Time Sert’s brand the 5600 stand alone kit is best for a second time repair but not the first choice for a first time repair because of more metal being removed.

I know this might be a little hard to follow, let me know if I can be of further assistance at 800-524-9783 extension 251.

2 Responses
  1. BillyG :

    Date: September 17, 2016 @ 8:52 am

    I have a question for you: based on the casting number of the cylinder heads on my 2002 4.6L DOHC engine in my Lincoln Continnental being RFYR3E, the instruction supplement which came with the Time Sert 5553 kit advise me NOT to use the the counterbore tool #55518 but the video directions on the Time Sert website say to use it, and a pop-up window in the video says “some heads with require little or NO cutting, e.g. Winzor style heads.” So it seems to me that if I DO use the counter bore tool and it isn’t needed, then it isn’t going to do any cutting anyway. Therefore, can’t I just use it anyway just to be on the safe side, just in case there’s the remains of a repair insert in the sparkplug hole done previously done by a previous owner? Would I be correct to state that if the counterbore tool isn’t needed, and I use it anyway, that it will not do any harm, nor compromise the repair results with the Time Sert 5553 kit in any way???

  2. dennisb - Auto Tool Sales :

    Date: September 17, 2016 @ 9:17 am

    I would use the counter-bore. It has a taper-stop that prevents it from over cutting. This will clean up the top of the hole.

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